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Business Competition Law : The Studies

The primary subject of these studies is Business Competition Law.

Competition Law in an era of pandemic: Issues and Options

An evaluation about Competition Law in an era of pandemic shows how outLaws can help to regulate businesses conflicts and protect customers. Our article gives an overview of the Competition law regime in a global pandemic, analyzing the statutory cure for the coronavirus epidemic. Regulations enacted since last year's global pandemic have made it difficult for many companies to fulfill their obligations under corporate policies governing cross-border trade. bile za charlatan and its meek followers inability to effectively monitor cross-border trade volumes signals that law enforcement will likely be?adequate to deal with any illegal activity that may take place during this period of emergency. In order to address the concern raised by industry that it may be difficult or impossible for companies to enforce their policies while overseas, ….

Business Competition Law : The Studies

Challenging Standards in Competition Law Journal

A study about the Journal and its contents. Competition lawjam.com provides valuable insights into what Competition Law Journal publishes each quarter and how it compares to other journals on the subject. On first impression, the journal looks like a goodResource for someone studying competition law. Despite some flawsshe Editor gives excellent cover letters to recipients of featured articles and also The Competition Law Journal is an online legal publication that has been published every quarter since1998. According to the website, the journal should be used as a resource for competitionlaw students, professionals, and judges. The paper quality is good, with many notable contributors from across the legal community. However, there are several flaws in the journal's coverage of competition law, including a lack of The Competition Law Journal | Elgar Online: The online … - English Edition.

Financial Inclusion Foundations on a Platform: An Advantage for Platform Businesses

A journal about platform-based business models in the context of financial inclusion has found that the competition between these businesses can lead to some favorable change in the financial inclusion space. In particular, platform businesses that have adopted online payment mechanisms as their primary channel can see a significant increase in Merchant Payments (MP) revenue. This is because customers who do not participate in traditional brick-and-mortar payments may instead become directly interested in using these businesses to pay for goods and services. In contrast, those companies that focus on providingashared financial products or loans are.-At present, there is no standard way to measure how much financial inclusion is accomplished by a given platform; this creates serious competitive disadvantages for Platform companies ….

EuropeansHuntAmusementParks: sued for monopoly practices in the amusement industry

A journal about the legal landscape of countries in the European Union found that eighteen amusement park operators have since 2009 been sued by state bodies alleging illegal monopoly practices in the amusement industry. This article investigates whether or not these lawsuits are related to competition constraints in the amusement industry, specifically with regards to the operations and prices of rights-of-way. The study found that two out of six operators were dominant players and that they were able to charge inflated prices for access to Rights of Way.

The Future of Competitionlaw in an Open World

An article about antitrust law Jianguo Zhou, Emmett Shear, and Hong Kong University of Law: Competition law has been a hot topic for the past few decades. Political and economic openness in the world has created ever-widening competition among industries, which has led to increased animosity between companies. In order to survive in this competitive environment, businesses have turned to antitrust law to protect their interests. Antitrust law is an important tool in preventing unfair Competition by protecting consumers and business owners alike from unfair practices by fellow businesses. Some of the main functions of antitrust law include investigating unfair competition and stateumping strategies; enacting policies thathibit companies from discriminating against each other; and regulating transportation, communication, goods production, trade associations, and other market behavior. Today's antitrust laws aretp much catered towards regulate than simply punishing. This change may be due to a number of factors including the increasing globalization of the economy and increasing commercial specialization which could lead to more cross-border Competition than ever before. Additionally, technological advances have made it easier for outsiders to see what is happening within industries so competition can be monitored more effectively (Furia & Russakoff 2006).

How Corporate Law Can Help Youwin Business Disputes

An evaluation about business law is always interesting. For example, what does the U.S. Supreme Courtuling on business corporations in Citizens United mean for future cases? In this issue of the American Business Law Journal, Jane Fitoussi-LevinRodriguez focuses on how business law can be used to help clients win legal disputes.

The Prestige of Scientific Journals

A study about the average prestige of scientific journals found that those with a high SJR score tend to be more highly respected by their peers than those with a lower SJR score. This study found that the number of citations received by a journal was also an important factor when determining its prestige. Journals with a high SJR scored papers were more likely to be cited more often, and were also viewed as being more trustworthy and reliable by their readers.

The Licensing of Intellectual Property: A Critique

An analysis about the DOJ's Request for Comments on Licensing appeared in the Corporate and Business Law Journal. The DOJ is concerned about the impact on the small business owners and small inventors by asking for comments on the effect on them by licensing. This study found that while licenses may initially be helpful in prosecuting FPL violations, they can also lead to unfairly burdensome fines and a loss of access to valuable resources.

The Potential Risks associated with Data Misuse in the Digital Economy

An article about business data misuse found that operators can use data to preclude or restrict competition. There are high legal risks under AML if operators use this data to do so. Possible behaviours include data collection, data licensing and data sharing. To date, the study has not detected any cases of competitive mischief as a result of this behaviour.

How China's Top Lawyers Make a fortune

An article about the billing rates by law firms in the People's Republic of China reveals that many of the country's top lawyers are highly paid. The A-List 100 lawyers in China make an average of over 10 million yuan a year, while the green finance development and legal risks in China group makes it difficult forrs to break EVEN.

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