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Business Diversification And Expansion : The Studies

These are intriguing studies about Business Diversification And Expansion that are useful to know.

Opendoor expanding into Phoenix metropolitan area

A journal about the expanding of the Arizona based startup Opendoor suggests that this company has made a significant investment in their expansion into the Phoenix metropolitan area. The company has opened up a new regional offices in Tempe, Arizona, which will provide support for 500 jobs. This commitment to the area is evident in the company’s overall strategy, which contains a focus on technology and innovation. In addition to their original headquarters in Minneapolis, Opendoor also opened a location in Tennessee, which signals their increasing interest in the United States. This growth strategy is timely and indicative ofOpendoor’s believe in creating an overall different level of opportunity for its clients.

Business Diversification And Expansion : The Studies

Shift Your Plans to Account for Surplus

A study about enterprise diversification found that when a company cannot achieve its intended goal by virtue of its expansion strategy, the company may find itself in a situation in which it has too much surplus, far exceeding the needs. In order to overcome this obstacle and move closer to its goals, the company may need to shift its focus away from its original strategy and into more profitable new market opportunities.

Diversifying Your Capital Structure to Better Yourfinancial Results

A review about the effects of diversification strategy on the capital structure decisions of manufacturing firms in India has been conducted. The study found that a diversified capital structure does not always lead to better financial results for a company. However, a company that chooses a diversified capital structure may have better chances of becoming successful over time.

PDS Multinational Fashions predicts strong profits for the company this year

A study about PDS Multinational Fashions reveals that the company is expecting a growth in its topline this year, backed by expansion of geographical footprint and diversification into new product categories. The study also points out that there are opportunities for the company to source better products, and make use of modern technology with a view to staying ahead of the competition.

Securitization: The Future of Banking

An analysis about the expansion and diversification of securitization in the United States during the next few years offers a variety of potential occupants. Between 2021 and 2022, there is potential for a renewed focus on securitization as banks are increasingly becoming interested in helping companies protect their assets. Additionally, hyperscale companies are expected to take advantage of modern security technologies to increase their chances of staying viable over the long haul.

The Persistence of Expansion into Dutch Firms: Core Skills, Fully Owned, and Acquisition

A study about the durability of expansions in Dutch firms was undertaken. The research uncovered that expansions were more persistent when related to a firm's core skills, fully owned, and the result of acquisition rather than a new venture. This finding suggests that retention of an expansion is most successful when it coincides with a firm's core capabilities and strengths.

The Effect of Business Diversification on Company Profits

A paper about the effect of asymmetry, business diversification, and how it can benefit companies argued that this strategy can be beneficial in expanding businesses into new or different segments. Diversification allows companies to access new investment opportunities, which can result in increased profits. However, due to the asymmetric relationship between companies, many times these opportunities will not be profit-oriented.

The Impact of Diversification on Business Performance

A review about the effect of diversification strategy on organizational performance found that it can increase profits and efficiency. The study looked at how different diversification strategies affect business performance in four different industries. The study found that increased diversity can lead to increased opportunities for growth, expansion, and profit.

The Role of International Diversification in Firms' Growth

A study about the relationship between international diversification and firms' access to external capital to finance growth opportunities was conducted. It was hypothesized that moral hazards, adverse selection, and home bias arise when firms expand across borders. This has a negative effect on the portion of firm growth that is financed by external capital providers known to play a role in hedging risks.

The Physiology of Diverse Manufacturing: Advances in Research and Practice

A study about the relationships between diversity, diversification, and profitability among British manufacturing companies was carried out. Diversity was positively related up to a point; after that point, increases in product diversity were associated with declining profitability. The study found that there can be positive consequences to increasing diversity, but diminishing profitability may be the outcome if company efficiency is taken into account.

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