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Business Diversification Performance : The Studies

The main thing that these studies are about is Business Diversification Performance.

Diversification for the long run: A reappraisal

A journal about the impact of diversification on performance has been conducted for > 25 years, with a variety of methodologies used. The study found that when allocating resources among different asset classes, diversification can improve performance. The study also found that when investing in long?term assets, it is important to stagger the purchases over time to ensure good overall diversification.

Business Diversification Performance : The Studies

7). The importance of demand-related investment decisions by businesses

A research about the relationshipBetween business model diversification (BMD) and firm performance is provided. A demand-side perspective is taken, looking at how an increase in BMD can increase firm performance.1 Results show that with a good BMD, a company can increase its output and profits while reducing its costs. This study underscores the importance of demand-related investment decisions by businesses.

Shipbuilding in China: Perspectives from an Economic Study

A research about the diversification of the shipping industry in China has verified that the practice is beneficial for the industry and overall economic development. The study found that when a shipping company splits its business into several exploitable categories, it can manage costs more effectively and boost profits. This will result in increased production, doling out payments to customers in a more timely manner, and better service quality for both consumers and cargo vessels.

Diversifying Your Organization's Resources for Growing Fortune

An inquiry about the effect of diversification strategy on organizational performance has been conducted. The study revealed that by implementing a diversified strategy, an organization can achieve competitive advantages in the market. Diversification can be effective in disrupting markets and protecting against competitive disadvantage. The study also found that by implementing a diversified strategy, the organization can create synergies and collaborate with other companies to achieve common goals.

The Role of Consolidation in Corporate Strategy

A research about corporate strategy has been conducted which explored diversification, financial performance and other issues involved in corporate strategy. A discussion is present about management and process of conglomeration and the incorporation regulations set by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. The authors present a market analysis that suggests that some consolidation may be necessary in order to achieve performance objectives.

“How Diversifying Can Improve Your Business Performance”

A study about diversification and its performance found that it can profoundly improve thePerformance of a company. In an effort to improve the performance of their business, many businesses endeavored to diversify their resources. This diversification is important because a diversified portfolio gives companies less focus on one particular industry or asset class and allows them to profit from both opportunities and risks. The study, “Diversification & Performance: A Case Study of Banks” concluded that adding diverse investments within an organization can lead to improved performance. In fact, it was found that banks that increased their stock portfolio by 20% or more were consistently better performers than those who failed to invest at all. With such a strong correlation between stock market performances and investment decisions, doing your own research is critical if you wish to make sound investment decisions.

Diversifying Your Business: A Strategic Perspective

A journal about the American 1949-1969 diversification strategy revealed that the best performance is achieved when related and dominant businesses are diversified; however, non-related ventures do poorly in this strategy. Very little focus is placed on boosting core capabilities, which can limit the success of a company.

Diversifying Your Business Brown Horse

A study about the effects of diversification and corporate social performance in a cotton mill in Indonesia finds that company behavior towards stakeholder demand and social concern affects Corporate Social Performance. This study found that when companies conduct business practices such as foreign investment, Swatch problem management, and transparency, they are likely to produce positive effects on CSP.

Diversifying Your Firms: The Negative Role of Tobin's q

A study about Tobin’s q, corporate diversification, and firm performance throughout the 1980s finds that Tobin’s q and firm diversification are negatively related. Diversified firms have lower q’s than comparable portfolios of pure-play firms. Firms that choose to diversify are poor performers relative to those unable to engage in such a move.

The Performance of Companies That have Engaged in Divestitures

A study about the performance of companies that have engaged in divestitures shows that businesses can experience significant growth and even profitability with the right type ofEVA stock. The study, which was conducted by Elango, Ma, and Pope using data from the American Insurance Institute, found that companies with engaged in divestitures experienced an increase in net income and a decrease in Plus/Minus (price/earnings) ratios. This study also found that when a company has engaged in a divestiture, it can better focus its resources on creating new stream of business opportunities instead of mothballing old ones. The study also showed that once a company has made the decision to divest itself from a vehicle, it is more likely to have successful outcomes.

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