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Business Failure Reasons : The Studies

We came across a few Business Failure Reasons studies with intriguing findings.

Telestreaming among millennials: The rise of a new way to stay connected

An article about 997 inbound telestream calls from four major US companies during the first ten months of 2018 found that use of telestream video Calling increased by 266% when compared with phone calls over the same period of 2017. The main reasons for this seeming discrepancy may be the inverse - that telestream video call use is on the rise while phone call use is on the decline in certain demographics (such as Millennials), while other demographics (such as those with a college education) are seeing an increase in both types of calls.

Business Failure Reasons : The Studies

Sambling into Small Business Failure: Causes and Factors

A paper about perceptions of causes and effects of small business failures found that a lack of management expertise is the major cause. Individuals surveyed were finding themselves in positions where they could not handle the task at hand, which led to their businesses failing.

Things to watch for when the next pandemic comes around

An article about post-pandemic businessfailure identified a number of new challenges for companies which are likely to face in the future. Factors that could lead to business failure include changes in technology, competition, and economic decline.

The ten Worst Reasons to Start a Family Business

A paper about the failures of family businesses has consistently shown that there are a number of reasons why these businesses fail. One reason is the lack of parental involvement in their children’s development. Families often neglect their businesses toInstead, these companies tend to be run by those with far more capital and less experience. Another reason is that family businesses do not have enough competition. This is because there are only a few family-owned businesses in each industry. Why should anyone want to do business with a company that is just as likely to fail as the next?.

The 10 Worst Management Problems for Small Businesses

An article about small businesses in the United States found that many of them go bankrupt because of one common headache – management problems. Poor management can lead to neglect, fraud, and even closures.

Small Businesses and the West Rand: Causes and effects

A study about the causes and effects of small business failures in the West Rand reveals some common reasons for failure, and methods that can be used to offset these causes. The study is important in that it helps community members understand the importance of sustainable, small businesses, and how they can be slipped into extinction by lack of check and balance.

The 5 Worst Cities to be a Business in New England

A study about failed businesses in New England reveals a few key factors that can result in a company failing. Factors that have been noted as often leading to failures include turnovers and management incompetence. Other reasons for businesses success can include innovation, creativity, and perspective.

Los Angeles Failure Rates Reveal Many Successful Businesses Are Not So Successful

A study about Los Angeles' business failures has Revealed that while they have a high rates of economic failure, they also have a very high rate of success stories. The study found that the prosperity of some businesses is directly related to the quality of their employees- those who are motivated and dedicated to their work.

The Failure of a Trash Segregation Project in the United Arab Emirates

A journal about how a trash segregation project in the United Arab Emirates failed was conducted by Abbasi, Wajid, Iqbal and Zafar. The study showed that there were a lack of planning and execution as well as weaknesses in risk management. The project ended before its due date because of these factors.

noodles, pasta, and beyond: how modern pasta techniques are hurting the food industry

A study about the failure rate of a new strategy shows that the rate is often quite high. The problem is that the evidence currently available is thin and loosely based. Therefore, it is difficult to determine the true level of failure.

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