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Business Logic Model : The Studies

Here are a few excellent Business Logic Model studies that are still relevant today.

The 5 most important business models for the Internet age

A study about the importance of business models in the context ofonetwork digital Studies have consistently shown that business model research is an important tool forirms in choosing their business strategies. ABusiness Model Explains The Logic Of Firms, The Way ItOperates, And How It Can Affect Stock prices. Business Models: explain how a company creates products or services and how they can be sold and makes money.Firms use different business models to achieve different results. Some businesses are built on logistics while others are built on creative ideas or products. There are also.

Business Logic Model : The Studies

Business Dynamics of Platform Business Models

A study about the dynamics of the platform business model suggests that platform businesses are more performance-dictated than before. Before, players such as banks and governments were able to steer the activity while leaving the platform operator in control. However, this has now changed as the platform becomes a systemic player where players can overlay their relevance on top of each other.: A platform business model is a type of business model in which an organization manages an entire activity system (for example, a web or mobile app) through'). Players include platforms themselves (for example, banks), third parties that provide back-end infrastructure (for example, search engines), and consumers who use the platforms to do their own personal tasks or small businesses across multiple markets. These platforms can be used by multiple actors at different levels in society, with different interests and needs. For example,. Platform businesses are faster-paced and larger than traditional businesses because they're organized around value processes such as measurement, usage/abuse monitoring and pay-as-you go models.,Platforms canning their mkt has opened up space for new types of firms to enter which have been slower to enter traditional markets because they don't have management experience with systems like those handled by banks.,The study found that banks had been.

Business Models and their Implications for Academia

An inquiry about the history of business models, and the current definition of them in academia. The study discusses the different definition of business models across academic disciplines, and how they have changed since their inception. It also explores the implications of these definitions for businesses and academics alike.

The Evolving Business Model of Technology

A study about how technology unlocked latent value from new technologies has shown that the sort of business model in place is the first one that is most likely to be successful for this type of technology. The business model in place locked access to potential new profits away and only favored existing players. This proved to be unsuccessful as other companies soon chose this business model.

A Logic-Based Quality Improvement Model for Large-Scale Care

A study about quality and patient satisfaction with a large-scale quality improvement program. A Logic model was used in order to plan and evaluate the program. The results showed that the model was effective in improving patient satisfaction as well as quality.

The Logic of Business Planning: A Shift in Strategy

A paper about business plan simulation showed that integration of a logic model in business plan simulation can help entrepreneurs create a better understanding of their business and its potential. The study found that the use of a logic model can help entrepreneurs identify what risks and opportunities are important to their business, as well as the factors that affect profit. The study also found that using a logic model can help businesses make better decisions about where to allocate resources, which in turn can lead to increased profits.

How Logic Models Can Help Reviewers Think Conceptually During a Systematic Review

A paper about the use of logic models in systematic review was conducted. The study found that the use of logic models can help reviewers to “think” conceptually at various points during the review, and can be a useful tool in defining study inclusion and exclusion criteria, guiding …. Logic models are becoming increasingly common features of systematic reviews. They fill a need for reviewers to “think” conceptually at various points during the review, as well as to define study inclusion and exclusion criteria. This can be a helpful tool in guiding the selection of studies for inclusion in a systematic review.

Jamaica to Walk: A Community-Based Walking Program

A journal about how a community-based walking program could be developed for mothers in the hopes of decreasing disparities in walkability and reducing health disparities was conducted. The objectives of the study were to develop a logic modelHelperPaper adaptive programming design principles, Jamaica to Walk: A Community-Based Walking Program, 176-183 A logic model has been developed that could be used as a guide for developing a community-based walking program for mothers. This model is based on the population and the objectives of the program. The process of developing this model was described, followed by an evaluation to see if it was worth developing.

A Review of the Effectiveness of ASCA National Model School Counseling Programs

A journal about how the ASCA National Model for School Counseling Programs affects the evaluation of these programs was conducted. A Logic Model was created toguide evaluations depending on the outcome outcomes. Outcomes were analyzed to see if they changed with program changes.

Chrysler's ignored business model

A journal about the additive manufacturing process and business models for various manufactures has been conducted. It found that three types of business models are in use:Factory-based, Service-based, and Delivery-based. The Factory-Based model refers to companies that produce their goods in-house and only contract with aManufacturer to produce the final product. This type of model is rapidly becoming irrelevant as Manufacturing costs become cheaper and more widely available outside of ….

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