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Business Logic Tier : The Studies

These studies about Business Logic Tier are interesting and good to know.

The Logic of Treaty Violations

An analysis about the logic of treaties and the Vienna Convention was conducted by using the Topological Framework of Logic. The study found that, when it comes to treaty clauses, certain exclusive rights may be dealt with more automatically than others, based on certain criteria. It was also found that treaty clause violations can often result in heavier fines than other crimes, which can lead to negative brainwashed attitudes among negotiators and their clients.

Business Logic Tier : The Studies

The Journal of Strategic Management in the 21st Century

A study about the impact of journal articles on the strategic management of businesses has found that almost all journals are very mainstream and focus on empirical research. Furthermore, most journals are excellent at selecting fertile new conceptual Millennium studies in terms of theory and Practice.

The Influence of Prestigious Academic Institutions on Scientific Career trajectories

An article about top-tier journals found that those with a high reputation for publication july 2016 there exists a strong correlation between an author's prestigious academic institutions and their later publications in these journals (Dewett and DeNisi, 2004). Furthermore, it was found that these same journals promote scientific careers by awarding highly competitive prizes.

Data Storage tiers: From thinking to writing

An evaluation about how work in the application logic tier creates and reads data from the data store is necessary. Work in this tier can be thought of as “thinking”, as it decides which methods or code will be used to solve specific problems. This chunk of code is also responsible for writing and reading data into and out of the data store. Overall, this tier is one that can be safely stored data on your computer because it knows how to handle many different types of scenarios.

The Determinants of upward mobility in an field

A study about journal rankings has revealed that there is actually a disregarded aspect to how these rankings are constructed.utilizing Judgements from "inside the ivory tower" and neglecting practical relevance leads to management research moving further away from what management practices should be.

How Publishing Journals Can Improve Your Career

A research about the journal "European Journal of Business and Strategic Management" revealed that the journal is a well-respected forum for research and discussion on business, marketing, finance, economics, human resource management, strategies and decision science. The journal publishes papers from both high-quality authors and newcomers to the field. Furthermore, the editors are constantly in search of talented new scholars to join their group. Additional selling points of the journal include its international focus and its wide range of topics.

3-tier Excel Architecture - A Way to Improve Productivity and Navigation

A study about the use of three-tier architectures in Excel finds that this approach can offer benefits in terms of productivity, navigation, and Overall results show a significant improvement when using this type of architecture. By using a three-tier structure in .

Analyses of Citation Performance in Second Tier Journals

A study about citation patterns between different journal tiers found that the second tier journal could outstrip the top tier one in terms of citation performance. Therefore, better understanding the relations between these two strategies for assessing researchers’ performance is important forevaluating their work.

People in More Religious Countries: Symbiosis or Divergence?

A study about the religious views of people in different parts of the world found that there is an impressive consensus about one thing: people in morereligious cultures intuitively understand and care about more things than those in less-religious cultures. The study, conducted by University of Warwick's Angela Srouji and her team over a period of six years, reached a significantly greater level of agreement across cultures when it came to any Two-Factor ModelPF construct than when it came to the constructs that made up the remainder of the DMMPHF bundle. It was interesting to see how this consistency emerged even when accounting for people's self-reported religiosity." The study found that people in morereligious cultures intuitively understand and care about more things than those in less-religious cultures. This means that they seem to have a deeper understanding of what it means to be someone who follows a certain religion or believes in something. Additionally, this finding suggests that there is little difference between religious views among people from different parts of the world - everyone sees things similarly from a spiritual point of view.

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