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Business Manager Characteristics : The Studies

We discovered a few Business Manager Characteristics studies with intriguing findings.

Eliminating the Disadvantages of Small Businesses in Africa

A study about small businesses in Africa found that many of them are at a disadvantage when it comes to resources. Many small businesses in Africa lack access to the necessary resources, which can cause them to be at a disadvantage when it comes to their operations and growth.

Business Manager Characteristics : The Studies

The Effects of Manager Characteristics on Capital Structure in a Structural Model

A study about the effects of managercharacteristics on capital structure in a structural model was conducted. The study found that the optimal capital structure depended on several factors, including taxes, bankruptcy costs, and shareholder agency conflicts. This study provides valuable insights for future studies.

The Marketing and Sales Process inSBUs

A study about business unit strategy revealed that greater marketing/sales experience, greater willingness to take risk, and greater tolerance for ambiguity on the part of the SBU general contribute to effectiveness in the case of “build” SBUs but hinder it in the case of “harvest” SBUs. The study found that in order for a business to be effective, it needs to have a good mix of experienced marketers who are willing to take risks and have a high tolerance for ambiguity. In order for a business to be successful, however, it is also important to have talented and skilled managers who can help lead and manage the team while simultaneously managing the ambiguous waters that their SBU lives in.

detrimental factors that impact small to medium-sized businesses

A journal about small to medium-sized business performance has been conducted to elucidate how certain factors impact SME growth. The study found that employment, turnover and profitability are all negatively associated with SME growth. The study suggests that businesses searching for growth should focus on improving their employability and Promote productivity.

The China Dilemma: Leverage or Diversification?

An inquiry about thecharacteristics and choice of firm in China shows that companies with low leverage are more commonly chosen than those with higher leverage. Low leverage typically refers to a company's dependence on short-term debt, as opposed to its long-term debt. The study found that companies with low leverage tend to be smaller, less bureaucratic, and have a more entrepreneurial spirit. In addition, these companies are often better chaotic, which can lead to fast growth and innovation.

Small Business Success and Entrepreneurship: What Drives and Is Driven by It

An article about how entrepreneurism is related to small business success found that the most successful small businesses are those founded by entrepreneurs who are willing to take risks, not just take what is offered. The study, "The Role of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Success," created a model for measuring entrepreneurialism and small business success in order to better understand which factors are essential for both ideals.

The Unique Tools and Techniques of a Project Manager

A study about the different types of project managers. A good project manager is someone who is able to prioritize and manage multiple tasks simultaneously. They must also have strong emotional intelligence so that they can work with the individuals working on a project. They should also be able to organized their time so that they can complete all the tasks needed for the project. A good project manager will have a Project Office Journal, which allows them to keep track of their progress, ideas, and changes in the project. This will help them stay organized and make sure that the goals of the project are achieved.

The Shopping Centre That Rocks!

A journal about Sam's Shopping Centre in Winnipeg found that the average store rated at four out of five stars based on customer reviews. This exceptional shopping experience is possible because Sam's Shopping Centre offers knowledgeable and friendly staff who are experienced in both retail and service businesses.

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