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Business Outcomes Employee Satisfaction : The Studies

Few Business Outcomes Employee Satisfaction studies with intriguing findings were discovered.

The Relationship of Employee Satisfaction, Engagement, and Business Outcomes

An inquiry about the business unit-level relationships between employee satisfaction, employee engagement, and business outcomes found that there was significant correlation. Employees who were satisfied with their job and who were engaging with their workamngUnit reported higher business outcomes than employees who were dissatisfied or disengaged from their work.

Business Outcomes Employee Satisfaction : The Studies

The Relationship between Employee Job Satisfaction and Business Performance

An article about employee job satisfaction and business performance has shown that a clear indirect path exists between employee job satisfaction and business performance. This path can be seen when looking at the overall satisfaction of employees and their commitment to their work. The study found that when employees are happy with their jobs, they are more committed to their company and also give their best effort in all aspects of their work. However, when employees are unhappy with their jobs, they tend to be less committed to their company and give lower levels of productivity. Overall, this study provides firsthand evidence that a clear indirect path does exist between employee job satisfaction and business performance.

The Effect of Working Environment on job Satisfaction

A study about the impact of working environment on job satisfaction. Researchers have found that the quality of employees' working environments has a negative impact on their satisfaction with their job. Good working environments can increase productivity and motivate employees, while also providing opportunity to learn new things and grow. However, these environments can also lead to humanresources problems such asresentment issues, fatigue, stress and layoffs.

The Culture of the Workplace

A paper about how people perceive their work environment at different workplaces has shown that the culture in which employees work matters a great deal. The study, conducted by Gallup in 2016, looked at how employees rated their satisfaction with their work environment. The results of the study showed that culture is a critical success factor for businesses. Employees who feel their workplace is culturally supportive are generally more satisfied with their job and are less likely to ask for settlements or unpaid leave than those who feel their workplace does not offer a positive experience.

The Intersection of Work Values and Psychological Needs in the Employment Environment

An analysis about the relations among work value orientations, psychological need satisfaction, and job outcomes employing self-determination theory yielded interesting findings. First, it was found that different work value orientations lead to different psychological needs satisfaction levels and different job outcomes. Second, it was found that employees who are satisfied with their work environment are more likely to report positive job outcomes.

The Impact of Employee Engagement and Satisfaction on Business Outcomes

A study about the impact of job satisfaction and employee engagement on business outcomes was conducted. The study found that employee satisfaction had a significant impact on business outcomes. Employee engagement also had a significant impact on business outcomes. The study found that businesses with higher levels of employee satisfaction were more likely to produce better results than businesses with lower levels of employee satisfaction.

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