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Business Outcomes Japan Airlines : The Studies

These studies on Business Outcomes Japan Airlines are still relevant today.

The Impact of IOS enabled Radical Process Change on Business Outcomes

A paper about the impact of IOS-enabled business process change on business outcomes at Japan Airlines has been conducted and it has been found that IT-enabled radical process change has a significant impact on business outcomes. The study found that the number of accidents, cancellations, andlost revenue are all increased as a result of IOS- enabled radical process change. It is important to realize that while IT-enabled radical process change canimprove business outcomes, there are a number of factors that are still needed to be balanced before implementingit in an organization.

Business Outcomes Japan Airlines : The Studies

IOS business impacts: temporary or long lasting?

An article about a company, JAL Airways, involved the introduction of IOS-enabled business processes. The study found that the business outcomes were improved by the IOS-enabled process change. However, there were some costs associated with the IOS-enabled process change which had a negative impact on the business unrelated to its objectives. This study was performed to explore how such impacts may be temporary or long lasting.

IOS Enabled Business Process changes at Japan Airlines Reveal Significant Benefits

A study about the impact of electronically enabled business process changes on Japanese Airlines identified that the organization was able to obtain significant benefits from the implementation of IOS-enabled processes. The study found that the organization’s traditional Global Passenger Board (GPB) was unable to account for data accrued in new IOS-enabled booking systems and required significant alteration in how ithandled passenger transactions. In addition, Japan Airlines also underwent a rapid modernization of its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, which impacted the company’s entire value chain. These IOS-enabled changes allowed Japan Airlines to capture an increase in customer touchpoints and image as a leading player in global Skies.

JAL: How What Gets JAL To the Top

A study about the merger of Japan Airlines Corporation (JAL) and Japan Airlines System shows that the rationale for the merger may have been technological overlap more than market share. It was revealed that JAL, as the largest airline in Asia by sales turnover, could potentially have been helped to achieve greater economies of scale had it merged with JAS. At present, however, these advantages may not yet be enough to propel JAL into first place.

How IOS-Enabled Business Process Change victimized a company

An article about the impact of IOS-Enabled Business Process Change on Business outcomes has been done by applying a generic framework for analyzing IT-Enabled Business Process Change to a case study from (JAL). The study found that while not solely responsible for the adverse outcomes, IOS-Enabled Business Process Change had a significant and negative impact on the firm's bottom line.

Japan Airlines Eyed to Purchase 31 Airbus Jets in order to Climb Closer to Rivals

An analysis about Japan Airlines's order for 31 Airbus jets shows how big of a player the company is in the global aviation market. JAL is buying these planes in order to become more competitive with rivals like American Airlines and Emirates. The study also states that JAL is looking to increase its number of flights by between 5 and 10%.

How IOS-Enabled Business Process Change can Improve Company Performance

An article about the impact of IOS-enabled business process change on business outcomes has been conducted by researching at the Japan Airlines organization. The study found that the transformation of the value chain can lead to improved business outcomes, in particular forJapan Airlines parent company JAL. This study found that the IOS-Enabled Business ProcessChange (EBP) can improve the efficiency of KFC's organizational functions and improve company performance through reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction experiences.

Japan Airlines resumes nonstop flights to Tokyo from San Diego International Airport

An inquiry about the impact of the pandemic on Japan Airlines's nonstop flight service to Tokyo has found that the airline will resume service three times a week starting March 2. The study also found that the resumption of service may improve customer experience because flights will be departures from two of Japan Airlines' key international airports.The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on Japan Airlines business, with suspended flights in April 2020 due to limited supplies of travel-sized air disinfectants. However, the study found that flight operations have recovered and resumed nonstop services asRecommended Citation: Japan Airlines resumes nonstop flights to Tokyo from San Diego International Airport.

Osaka-based business organization lauds ALE as successful approach to business

A journal about Japanese business organizations found that the way they useALE (business outcome-driven enterprise) architecture Consulting Software can play a big role in how the company fares. spite of some common objections, the company's representatives were quite enthusiastic about its advantages.

The sobering reality of business travel

An article about Southwest Airlines executives revealed that they see business travel as a key source of revenue for the company. The study found that business passengers and overall business revenues are down, but managed business fares are higher. This could mean that businesses who might not be able to afford regular airline fares may find themselves paying more for managed business fares.

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