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Business Practices Employees : The Studies

The results of these studies about Business Practices Employees are different.

Values, Leadership by Example, and Authentic Management Recognition: A Framework

A paper about management practices and employee engagement has left insights into the importance of values, leadership by example, the proper channel of communication, and authentic management recognition.employees need to feel appreciated, coerced to take action, and held accountable in order to be effective. Furthermore, it is evident that employees would rather work with a company that has fun culture as opposed to one with restrictive policies and high standards.

Business Practices Employees : The Studies

Employee Engagement around the Globe: A Look at Differences

A research about employee engagement on a global scale yielded some interesting findings. Employee engagement levels were reported to be lower in countries with less human resources development and less employee satisfactionandan those with more capital investments and surveillance programs.

Captain's Safety & Productivity: An Overview

A study about the impact of management practices (policies) on employee productivity was conducted with airline captains. The study found that almost allCaptain s reported that their organization's management practices had an impact on employee productivity.firearm safetyPresident The study found that cockpit armed officers often face greater risks than other employees when it comes to violence and malicious intent. Most Captain s report feeling safe and secure while working on their aircraft, either because they are accustomed to the difficult conditions or because they have working laws in place requiring them to deal with such incidents. Unfortunately, the use of firearms by Captain s results in dozens of injuries each year, many of which could have been prevented if management practices were properly followed.

The Influence of Rewards on Employee Satisfaction and Long-Term Job Satisfaction

A journal about employee engagement practices in the business world looked at different methods of rewarding employees and overall organization performance. The study found that reward systems have an impact on employee satisfaction and longevity, but need to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Employees are also found to be involved in effective performance appraisal processes, which leads to increased team productivity. In addition, training and development needs to be effective in improving employee skills and knowledge for future job opportunities.

Employee Retention at Kenyan University: A Review

A study about how HRM practices at Kenyatta University affect employee retention has been conducted. The study was focused on 330 employees working at the university. This population was specifically chosen because they are representative of all Kenyatta University employees. Results of the study showed that HRM practices having a positive effect on employee retention.employees who reported feeling more confident and relaxed working with their manager felt less inclined to leave the university soon after joining it. Furthermore, those who felt comfortable and confident in their work environment also reported feeling more satisfied with their job and self-identity than those who did not feel this way. Overall, these results suggest that HRM practices can have a positive effect on employee retention by providing a sense of security, confidence, and satisfaction in one’s work environment.

The Journal of Business Education: A Place to Share your Research and Insight

An article about the conference and journal's content reveals that the journal provides an excellent platform for sharing research and insights about business, education, and organizational decisions. The conference allows academicians from all over the world to share their latest ideas and insights with each other, potentially leading to more productive solutions. The Editors of the journal make sure that the contents of the journal are up-to-date and engaging, booting *everybody* up for important conversations about business in today's society.

The Positive Impact of HR Strategy on Organisation Success

A study about employee behavior found that proper HR practice has a positive performance impact on organizations. The research demonstrates that employee productivity is increased when HR functions are coordinated properly. The study found that proper HR strategy leads to overall organization success.

Examining the Ethics of Unethical Behavior in Organizations

A journal about unethical behavior in organizations argues that a need exist for a stricter ethical code in order to ensure both the ethical boundaries of employees and managers, and theReport by Heidegger, Reference Heidegger 1969. In considering unethical behavior in organizations, it is important to bear in mind that this is often best exaggerated within organizations than outside them. So while there are many ethical dimensions to consider when observing unethical behavior, the focus should be on individuals rather than organizations.

The power of visibility: unethical behavior by employers

A study about unethical behavior in employers found that there are many reasons for employee unethical conduct. This study found that employees often hold negative views of their employer and feel that they have no recourse to report malfeasance. Furthermore, employees frequently resort to unethical behavior in order to curry favor with their managers or peers.

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