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Business Records Management : The Studies

The primary subject of these studies is Business Records Management.

Medical Records Management in a Hospital: A Review

An analysis about the records management process in the medical field was conducted to better understand how records are managed and related to patient care. The study found that the La Crosse Memorial Hospital has a records management process in place that is focused on providing efficient patient care. This process includes collecting, organizing, managing, tracking and reviewing patients' records ensuring they are accurate and complete.

Business Records Management : The Studies

Using RSS for Record Management: Tips for a Successful Strategy

A paper about the use of RSS feed for records management is being conducted by a team of experts. They found that “RSS can be used to keep track of changes in information and can help to manage workflow so that updates are always available to employees. Additionally, RSS can help optimize data entry and retrieval, which can save time and money.” RSS Feeds play an important role in the overall efficient record management process. They allow for quick updates on changes made to company information, as well as easier access to this information for employees. Additionally, RSS helpsividual departments stay organized and focused on their individual tasks while keeping all of the company's content easily accessible. Overall, using RSS feeds is an effective way to keep track of all of your Company's records and make data entry faster and easier.

Business Records Management: How to Make the Most of Your Data

A paper about business records management affects businesses in a consequential manner. Not only do good record keeping practices impact business growth, but also proper management of records can help organizations maintain an enviable appearance and justify higher costs.

How Documents Are Sacred: The Future of Document Management

A study about document management in the future There is a contention that the future of document management will rely more on digital archives and cloud-based platforms. According to some, these new technologies will revolutionize how information is accessed and stored, making it easier to recover and use versions of any document absent Glyph. As such, managing information more efficiently will be essential for organizations in order to maintain control over their documentation and prevent accidental or unauthorized changes.

Organizational response to antiquated communication systems: A study

A journal about Electronic Records Management showed that although formal processes are followed, internal communication is often poor. The study found that informal channels of communication are inadequate for sharing information and resolving conflict. Additionally, performance nightmares stemming from antiquated systems run 247 percent more problems than those in the Best practices databases surveyed.

Electronic Recordkeeping in Nigeria

A paper about e-records management systems being used by the Federal Ministry of finance in Nigeria found that a large majority of cash registers and data entry points used e-records as an option forRecord Management Journal: Vol. 32 Iss. 1 | Emerald Insight. training and resources of e-records readiness at the Federal Ministry of Finance in Nigeria. The study conducted by Mulikat Yetunde Abdulkareem, Nathan Mwakoshi Mnjama and Peter Mazebe II Mothataesi Sebina found that almost all employees wereabsolved from using paper records to manage their government tasks including cash handling, document filing and bookkeeping. The study also found that recent changes to Nigeriangovernment policy have led to increased adoption of e-records as a method for managing government transactions. The researchers believethat this increase in adoption is due to both the perceived benefits associated with using e-recordsalong with difficulty encountered when trying to adopt older methods of record management. Finance Minister Yar'Adua has pledged to roll out an electronic service for citizens called "EreaNet" which envisages providing online access to a central database that will allow citizens to receive information about government services, view images of government buildings, conduct surveys.

The Effects of Business Record Management on Business Growth

An analysis about the effects of business record management on business growth found thatagement training, business records management policies, and business records manage-ment positively impact business growth. This makes a significant contribution to existing knowledge in the areas of record-keeping, managed care, and growth.

The Impact of Records Management on Business: A Review

A study about the impact of records management on business was undertaken by one of the researchers of this study. Records management is a strategic business function that has a significant impact on businesses. In order to ensure the efficient and successful operation of their business, businesses need to have plans for maintaining their records. Records management can play an important role in ensuring both the accuracy and completeness of these records. There are a number of benefits to having a plan for Records Management. First, if there are any problems with the accuracy or completeness of records, it can cause great difficulties for businesses. This can lead to significant financial consequences for the company. Second, setting up a system for manages all the different types of records can be timeconsuming and difficult. This can make it difficult for business owners to determine which types of records need to be kept, stored and accessed in order to ovarian cancer genetic tests ResearchGate.

An Empire's Archives: How Recordskeeping Transformed the Modern World

An inquiry about the history of records management show that during most of recorded history, important events were kept and expressed through written accounts. Particularly notable were the transportation of goods and men across empires, as well as battles and other important occurrences. Through careful study of these writings, it is possible to gain insights into how different leaders approached their tasks and the day-to-day life of an empire.

Small Business Struggling in Oklahoma as the Recession Dries Up Resources

An analysis about the impact of the Great Recession on small businesses in Oklahoma suggests that many are struggling to stay afloat. The findings, drawn from an analysis of census data and surveys by the Oklahoma Business Federation, show that small businesses are squeezed harder than any other group of businesses in the state. The number of businesses in Oklahoma Business FederationScan’s nationwide study that had their revenue fall below $1 million in 2010 was almost identical to the number of businesses in this state that reported same amount of revenue but below $30,000. The statewide survey also found that business ownership is not sitting well with many Oklahomans. Seventy-one percent of those interviewed identified themselves as owner/managers, down from 82 percent in 2007. Many small business owners report feeling constrained by government regulations, highreme costs and tight labor markets. Echoing these sentiments, a majority (69%) of those surveyed said they would not be able to continue doing business if the economic conditions did not improve soon. Despite these challenges, many local entrepreneurs are still trying to open new stores and achieve sustainability for their businesses during what could be very difficult times for both them and theirindustries. Oklahoma Business FederationScan's study also cites strong support for entrepreneurship among minority.

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