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Business Units Innovation : The Studies

The main thing that these studies are about is Business Units Innovation.

ExploringExecutiveCompensation in A Large Company

A study about the structure of executive compensation in a large company showed that the greatest benefit for businesses is when the compensation contract is set by the business unit's innovation opportunity set, division factors, and firm factors. Often, these settings result in a lower payout for business units with lower innovation opportunities, but a higher payout for businesses with higher innovation opportunities.

Business Units Innovation : The Studies

Online Marketing and the Web E-Commerce Industry

A paper about the impact of online marketing on the web e-commerce industry was conducted. The study found that online marketing has a positive impact on web e-commerce businesses by increasing website visits, improving brand equity, driving average sales levels and yielding unusual gains in business profitability.

Theography: How Strategic Business Units Affect Their Competitor Environment

An inquiry about 54 strategic business units found that the spots where these businesses are located have a significant impact on their performance. In addition, the Spot Charts illustrating their performance demonstrate how these businesses interact with one another. Overall, the study has identified four areas in which strategic business units can improve their performance.

The Impacts of Business Education Innovation on Teacher Practice and Student Outcomes

An analysis about business education innovation was conducted by a research team composed of professional business educators. They found that many innovative teaching methods were being used in business education and that many programs were ….

How Knowledge and Innovation interact

A study about knowledge and innovation reveals that while both can have significant benefits, they are not always similar. Knowledge often leads to new insights and new ways of looking at things, while innovation always leads to new products and ideas. However, the ways in which these two concepts can interact is what makes their power fully realized. For example, what if you were to ask a group of brain scientists how they improve their research? They would likely answer with a few unique examples of how knowledge has led to innovative results in the field of neuroscience. On the other hand, if you were asking an apple farmer how he cultivates apples, he would likely reply with a more general answer about keeping in mind thevinetypes offered by different types of soil and when watching different kinds of fruit grow.

The Common Core of Collaboration: The Benefits for Firms

A study about six large firms found that when executives partnered with their business units, collaboration at high levels was more effective than when companies did not. The theory? A BU-centric process that focuses on value creation will help lead to better collaboration.

Cisco Launches Cloud and Networking Unit to Stay Competitive

A journal about Cisco's cloud and networking units has shown that the combination will help the company remain competitive and increase its growth potential. While the Dunn, Capaldi, McDonald-Neumann report found some misses with Cisco's cloud services, it also praised the company's networking unit for its innovation. This move by Cisco comes as Fastly Inc.'s Todd Nightingale is set to leave on August 12 to start his new role at Amazon. While the study found misses with some of Cisco's cloud services, it also praising the company for its innovation in its networking unit. This move by Cisco will help TheStreet Ratings give it a B+ rating.

Exercise Benefits the Brain: A New Perspectives

A journal about the effects of exercise on the brain involves cognitive tests and brain imaging techniques. The study is being conducted by psychologists in order to determine what effects exercise has on the brain. different aspects of the brain will be studied, such as how exercise affects learning and memory, and how exercise influences decision making. Exercise has been shown to have many benefits for overall health, including reducing risk for disease. This study will also help us to understand how the brain responds to physical activity.

Thefailedconnection between small businesses and open innovation

An evaluation about two companies in the small business industry found a few failures in open innovation. The two companies had very different approaches to innovation, so their efforts didn't mesh well. The study also found that there were some major problems with connecting these two companies together.

Gannett Shows Price Hike Reflects Economic Reality

A research about Gannett announced a corporate restructuring that will create two business units. The move creates a hindrance for competitors as it impedes their growth. The study also argues that the restructuring will save Gannett over $1 billion in 2019 alone.

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