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Business Units Structure : The Studies

Here are some excellent Business Units Structure studies that are still relevant today.

SBU General Manager's Preference for Begun SBUs and Harvest SBUs

A review about 58 strategic business units (SBUs) reveals that the SBU general manager prefers to have a greater marketing/sales experience, greater willingness to take risks, and greater tolerance for ambiguity on the part of the SBU general manager in order to be successful in building SBUs but hamper it in the case of Harvest SBUs. This difficulty can be summed up by saying that “build” SBUs are more effective while “harvest” SBUs are less effective.

Business Units Structure : The Studies

The Joint Venture Advantage

A study about the joint venture between two business units of different organizations reveals some interesting findings. For one, the one upper-division business unit's expense is greatly underestimate when compared to the other insider business unit's expense. Additionally, when it comes to joint ventures, the cutback account for the credit side of the partnership benefits thisupper-division business unit more than its corresponding cutback account on the debit side.

Nationality Coordination across All Product Lines under One Brand

A study about the internal structure and leadership assignments of Nationwide found that it is aligning all of its product lines under one brand. This will result in a more centralized workforce and better communication between the different units.

Get your business ready for a digital age

An evaluation about the company's restructuring showed that it will create two business units - News and Digital Marketing Solutions. The move will allow for a more divisionsalized approach to business and will focus on different tasks. Gannett Media plans to own 75% of the News unit while Digital Marketing Solutions will hold 25%. This move will give the company a fair share in each division and make sure that the functions are divided efficiently.

The Unproven Theory of Corporate Collaboration

A study about six firms found that a corporate process best fosters such collaboration is unproven. The theory suggests that a BU-centric approach results in higher levels of collaboration. This would be advantageous because it would avoid duplication of effort and improve productivity.

The Influence of External Factors on Firm Performance

An article about the influencing factors and impact on a firm was conducted to evaluate the workings of different organizational structures. The study found that certain factors had an impact on how efficient a firm can function, with internal factors such as control structure, decentralized decision-making, and autonomy all having a role in determining overall business performance. External factors such as company growth, financial stability, and competition were also influential in affecting firms’ performance.

Modular Organizations Are More Efficient, Less Workplace Haphazard

An analysis about the reconfiguration of an organization found that the modular approach helped to make the organization more efficient, which in turn increased its. It was also found that the modular approach helped to create more hierarchicalraitves within the organization, which in turn led to a reduction in workload.

Structural Biology: The Journal for Research in Structural Biology

A research about the function of a particular structure in the body is always of interest to biologists and structural biologists. Given the importance of structures in the body, Structure is an essential journal for these professionals. It encourages the publication of papers that are of exceptional interest to the structural biology field, as well as biologists and biochemists who are interested in macromolecular and function.

The Amazon Way: How the Royal Family Uses Tech Giants to Monopolize the E-Commerce Market

A study about Amazon's organizational structure and how it has contributed to its successes in the e-commerce market. Amazon is a tech giant that dominates the e-commerce market. The company is led by two powerful executives who can take whatever steps they need to launch new products and services. Amazon's organizational structure provides them with complete control over their business. This has made for successful product launches in the past, allowing them to stay ahead of their competition.

The Egyptian Culture Center: A tale of Midas-manship

An article about North Sinai Cultural Center's organizational structure found that it is divided into three departments: marketing, manufacturing, and accounting. The department of human resources is responsible for hiring and firing employees. The department of finances is responsible for administering the organization's finances. Finally, the department of marketing oversees the organization's marketing efforts.

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