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Business University Collaboration : The Studies

Various findings from these studies are related to Business University Collaboration.

The impact of industry-university collaboration on research

An analysis about the impact of industry-university collaboration on research has been launched. This study is looking at the various ways in which industry and universities can work together to increase research productivity. Through this study, it will be possible to see which collaborative mechanisms are most beneficial for both the industry and university communities.

Business University Collaboration : The Studies

Demystifying University-Industry Cooperation: The Role of Technology Transfer

A paper about the collaboration between industry and university yielded valuable insights that can help companies improve their competitiveness and innovation. The study found that cooperation kills two birds with one stone-by combining the relevant expertise of both parties, universities can develop new knowledge and technology, which in turn will benefit both industry and society as a whole. The study was conducted by researchers from Wuhan University in conjunction with several other organizations.

A New Model for Regional Collaboration

A study about the success of regional collaboration found that businesses, education and workforce development partners such as Youngstown State University, Eastern Gateway Community College and OhioMeansJobs are part of this regional collaboration. The program is meant to improve the economy by getting more people involved in the workforce. The Excellence Training Center is an offshoot of YSU and EGCC, which is a large city. This center helps businesses with training their employees. It has seen success in reaching out to the area’s businesses.

Post-graduate Universities and the Trading of Intellectual Property

An analysis about the collaboration between university and industry in Malaysia reveals the importance of bringing diverse perspectives to. Businesses vary in their interest in intellectual property rights, so collaboration among university research groups is important for identifying best practices on how to protect intellectual property. By working together, universities can create unique research opportunities that can benefit both businesses and academia.

Collaborating Universities, Industry Can Help Foster Product and Service Innovation

A review about university-industry collaboration work showed that it is very effective in fostering product and service innovations. The study found that the collaboration between universities and industry can help increase the clock speed of incremental innovations and raise the number of radical innovations. Collaboration between universities and industry can also help reduce red flags before products or services are released to the public.

The Collaborative Dynamics of Industry-University Collaborations

A journal about the collaboration process of industry-university collaborations has been conducted by researchers at the University of Louisville. The study found that industry-university collaborations are effective when they involve tight communication and compatibility between the institutions. However, some challenges must be overcome in order to maintain successful collaborations, such as differences in mission and values.

Designing for the Factory of the Future

An evaluation about the collaboration between industry and universities has been conducted by Brown University and the University of Michigan. The study found that university professors can help reduce the cost associated with factory production. The professors said that they can do this by teaching employees how to use machines in their factories.

Industry Collaboration at Universities: A Factor in Economic Success

A study about research collaboration between university and industry was conducted in order to determine the characteristics of both the institutions and modes of industry collaboration. The study found that the two institutions typically work together efficiently and that the industry partnership is beneficial to both institutions.

Small Businesses reap Return on Investment through Adaptation

A research about money and business showed that one way to increase profits is to do something that few people do: run a small business. According to the study, many small businesses can make a significant profit by adapting the tried and true methods of running a large company. When starting a small business, you don't have to start with all the money you think you'll need. In fact, some of the best ways to make money as a small business are to adapt what most people do when they are starting their own businesses - by supplementing their income with supplemental services or selling unusual items. For example, many individuals and traders start successful businesses by selling Forexfx violation alerts.

Firm Collaborative Capabilities and the Success of University-Industry Collaborations

A study about the effectiveness of firm's collaborative capabilities in university-industry collaboration was conducted. This study found that firm's collaborative capabilities have a significant impact on the success of the university-industry collaboration. The results supported the idea that Firm's Collaborative Capabilities are an important tool for firms involved in university-industrial collaborations.

Best Practices in Industry-University Collaboration in Developing Countries

A research about the effectiveness of best practices in industry-university collaboration in developing countries showed that various aspects, including communication, trust, and conflict management were very important for the success of the project.

Multinationals and the Formation and Objectives of Universities

A study about the factors that influence university-industry collaboration in the European Union leads to the conclusion that multinationals have a large impact on the formation and objectives of universities, whereas students have a strong impact on business collaboration. The research also shows that universities in peripheral countries tend to be more cooperative than those in the wealthier countries.

100 Million For Louis University

A review about Saint Louis University's more than five-year comprehensive fundraising effort has revealed that the university has generated more than $100 million in pledges and collections. The campaign on behalf of the university was managed by an expert team which included individuals from a variety of industries and sectors.

Collaborative Inventiveness: The Role of Partners

A study about the effect of collaboration on innovation has been done in the Japan and the United States. In Japan, it was found that team performance is better than alone performance while in the United States it was found that team performance is equal to Alone performance when combined with other companies. This study showed the importance of cooperation in innovation.

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