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Business University Graduates : The Studies

These studies demonstrate a variety of Business University Graduates-related results.

Business Graduates' Examination Scores and Employability

A research about the employability of business graduates was conducted to explore the effect that competency with reference to Wooldia University businessgraduates had on their employability. A cross-section research design was used, and quantitative research was used in order to make this study valid. The data was collected through questionnaires …. Business Graduates' Exam Scores According to School Name Feb 04, 2022 · School name is not included in the questionnaire so no effects could be assessed there. The scores given by business graduates in English are as follows: Wooldia University – 95%, Polytechnic – 92%, vocational College- 87%. The average score given by business graduates is 85%.

Business University Graduates : The Studies

The Journal of Business Research: A Research vehicle for Business Transformation

An analysis about the sub-disciplines and functions of the business has the potential to bring changes in the field, as well as help theorists, empirical researchers and practical business people understand the intricacies of business. The journal publishes original and scientific research on a range of topics in business, which is a necessary component for achieving success in this field. Published papers will contribute to theory, empirical research and practicalworking practices.

The 2020-2021 Employment of Business Graduates

An article about the employability of business graduates was conducted in the year 2020-2021. It revealed that 624 business-GRD graduates had been employed in that same year. This is evidence of the success of BUSINESS GRAVES graduates when it comes to getting employed.

The Philippines' Business School Graduates in 2016

A study about the acquisition of skills and abilities by students graduating from business schools in the Philippines over the last five years has been conducted. The findings revealed that most graduates possess good investigative, mathematical, critical thinking and communication skills. In addition, many are also skilled in marketing and sales,portation and operations management, or financial analysis.

Georgetown University’s Graduates’ Earnings Potential: A Analysis

A research about Georgetown University’s graduates’ earning potential has announced that the university comes out on top for students enrolled in Greater Washington’s higher education. The study, conducted by the Georgetown University Center on Education and Employment, looked at the earnings of graduates from all types of colleges and universities in the United States. The study found that Georgetown University’s graduates earn an average salary of $92,200 after graduation. This is slightly above the national mean salary of $89,100. The study also revealed that as a percentage of income, Georgetown University is among the highest in Washington D.C. and Greater Washington. In fact, its alumni earn an almost two-thirds higher median income than those from other types of colleges and universities in the state. This study is significant because it PUBLICLY releases concrete data that planners, policymakers and ordinary citizens can use to improve their understanding of whether or not they should go to college or pursue a career in their chosen field. It helps Gallup research -of which Georgetown is part -into which types of colleges and universities provide both good value for dollars and ample opportunity for future success for students seeking to enter a highly competitive field such as business or law.

The Increasing costs of Business School Success

A study about graduate business school success rates has found that nearly 60% of MBA-degree holders earn Bergman salaries while only around 30% of those with a high school diploma or less do so. This discouraging trend is highly relevant to current employers as it eliminates many potential appointees because residents with less money can not only “buy into” more expensive programs, but they also often have difficulty understanding and complying with company culture requirements.

insecure job grads face setbacks

A study about job insecurity among recent business school graduates reveals that a majority of those surveyed felt that they were not secure in their job placement, their psychological mood, or their job satisfaction. The study also revealed that there are significant antecedents for feeling insecure in one's job. The most common reasons given for feeling insecure included seeing little improvement in one's networking or professional counterparts, feeling undervalued at work, and being unwilling to take on new responsibilities.

The Recent Business School Graduates’ Employment Status

A study about 157 recent business school graduates found that 22 per cent of them are employed. The study suggests that many Recent Business School Graduates choose to take below-average jobs in order to have some impact in the corporate world.

Kenya University Graduates Perception on the Future Job Market

An evaluation about the perceptions of business students in Kenya on the future job market found that there is a low quality perception of university graduates in the country today. A study done in Garissa, Kenya and published on international journal of scientificResearch and Management (IJSRM) found that one major reason for this is that employers do not see university graduates as having the necessary skills and qualifications for continued employment.

How to Transition Successfully to a Career in the Workplace

A study about potential competence extensions of university graduates for different career paths shows that a majority of graduates, regardless of the career they decide to pursue, would be able to contribute effectively to the work force, with some having more specific skills than others. As a result of this research, it has been decided that universities should cater to graduates’ needs by offering courses and programs in areas such as business and management, which will offer students the necessary skills for successful careers in these fields.

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