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Business University Students : The Studies

We found these Business University Students studies are good for additional resources.

Business and Politics Quarterly: an Open Access Journal

A paper about business and its policies aimed to increase ? Business and Politics Quarterly is an open access journal which portrays current research in business studies. It offers an open access platform to discuss the latest research findings and developments in this field by publishing original research in this field. Affiliated to allied academy, this journal enjoys an immense following among scholars for its innovative research style.

Business University Students : The Studies

Keyboarding Skills of undergraduate students: A Semi-Structured Interview Process

A study about undergraduate students' keyboarding skills was recently published in the Journal of Student Research. The study's authors used a semi-structured interview process to collect data about undergraduate students' keyboarding skills. They found that undergraduate students are able to use keystrokes effectively and that they enjoy learning new keyboarding skills.

Newcastle Business School Student Journal: A Journal of Change

A study about the history and aims of the Newcastle Business School Student Journal reveals that despite continuity, the journal has undergone various name changes and ceases publication in order to keep up with changes in the industry. Nevertheless, it is an important platform to communicate with fellow students and professors, as well as offer new perspectives on contemporary matters. The journal offers an open space for debate andexpression, which is an essential tenet of any academic institution.

The ethical attitudes and behavior of business students: A study

A journal about ethical attitudes and behavior of business students has been conducted. The study reveals that female students are more ethical than males. Additionally, older students tend to be less unethical than younger students.

Reducing Hunger and Improving Interactions with food: A Comprehensive Review

A study about the effectiveness of commercial agricultural programs in high school settings found that they can reduce hunger and improve interactions with food. The study was conducted by Alexandre Magnier, Stuart Van Auken, and Jamille Rothrock in 2020. They used a web-based assessment platform to measure the satisfaction of students with their agricultural program. It was noticed that the largest percentage of students who completed the program felt satisfied with it. Additionally, the study found that professional agricultural educationprograms are five times as beneficial to businesses than public educational programs.

International Education & Business Schools: The Journal for Theory and Practice

An analysis about the journal's aims and scope. JIEB is a journal focused on the theoretical and pedagogic aspects of international education in business schools, which has flow-on implications for the workplace. The journal was founded in 2002 by Lawrence Kushner, Lowell Cannell, and Ramona Shelton. It currently has a volume count of 22. It Coverage includes business studies, management, accounting, marketing,IRL(International Relations), law and policy analysis, foundation coursework in international education and incoming first-year students.

The UK Businesscommunity isGrowing Faster than the Rest of the European Union

A study about the British business community showed that it has been growing faster than the rest of the European Union.Compared to other countries in the union, Britain’s economy is large and wallet-friendly. Firms there are more likely to be successful despite disparities in wealth and resources. The main reason for this discrepancy isthe country’s relaxed business environment which discourages risk and innovation. This benefit has led to growth in the […].

The Wall Street Journal Pilot Program: Get The Journal Anytime, Anywhere

A review about the Wall Street Journal Pilot Program The Wall Street Journal Pilot Program is a program that allows students, faculty, and staff from the University of Washington to access the Wall Street Journal on WSJ.com. This program was established in 2022 and is dependent on usage and budget opportunities. The Wall Street Journal is also available in text-only format (no photos or graphics) in this .

Bullet Journals in Higher Education: A Case Study

An inquiry about the use of bullet journals in higher education found that they can be agrounds for “reprogramming” one's mental structures and memories, often resulting in a decrease in stress. The use of bullet journals can also be an effective way to store personal data and keep track of progress over time.

ESPN's Money in Their Sports Marketing Disaster

A paper about howESPN leads to a sports marketing disaster for the Louisville Cardinals basketball team. Report about the current situation with the Louisville Cardinalsbasketball team and ESPN. The 2017-2018 season was a disaster for the Louisville Cardinals basketball team as they were pursued by various teams in order to improve their squad. However, due to the acquisition of ESPN by University of Kentucky Athletics, this resulted in a complete marketing disaster for the Cardinals.Now, three years later, it is clear that ESPN was wrong to make this purchase and has done more harm than good to Louisville Basketball.ESPN had an ownership stake in Louisville Basketball which was detrimental both on and off the court. Adidas made an investment in Graduate Sports Management (GSM), who provided strategic consulting services to NCAA Division I schools and football programs throughout 2018-19. These services cost Adidas $1 million per year which NASCAR driver championship UPDATE For Season 3)Kevin Harvick’s car deals with How ESPN led to Former NASCAR DriverTony Stewart’s Suspended Race Points status.

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