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Business World War : The Studies

Studies on Business World War are still relevant; here are a few excellent ones.

The Businessman's World War I View of Politics

An analysis about the relations between businesspeople and the First World War reveals that there were some discrepancies in how they tackled potential peacebroker nations. Britons were generally more involved in militaries, while Germans were more involved in trade. Even after the war, both countries remained strained by their shared history. This study offers a perspective on how businessmen dealt with potential conflict.

Business World War : The Studies

The History of Business and War: A Comprehensive Overview

A study about The history of business and war provides a comprehensive overview of the important aspects that have shaped the development of both businesses and wars throughout history. This article deals with the various reasons why business and war have been so intertwined, as well as how their influence ... The History of Business and War - Thesis Paper - University of Utah contention for dominance in technology was inextricably linked toWar betweenGreat Powers: during World War I, Europe was embroiled in a bitter conflict with Russia; meanwhile, America was engaged in a furious battle against Japan. In America's case,War was seen as an opportunity to land new markets in Asia while conqueringNew Frontier.InEurope,War was viewed asan opportunity to rid of aggressive Russian ...

The Impact of World War One on the human race

An analysis about the horrific commencement of World War One. As the trenches of Europe teemed with combatants, the citizens of Great Britain were anxiously awaiting what would transpire in the more strife-torn areas. Justine and her close friends, Claire and John, had written about the possible war's commencement for months before finally making the journey down to France to witness it firsthand. It was a daunting experience; justine had never been so close to death and fought face-to-face with some of history's deadliest creatures. While she and her friends could not change what had happened, they could take part in making things less felonious for future generations. That May an event occurred that would have an unparalleled impact on future conflicts: The outbreak of World War One. Approximately 80 million human beings around the world perished in that devastating conflict: approximately 28% of total UK military fatalities during 1914-18. Justine and her friends were fortunate enough not to have experienced such carnage as many others did throughout Europe; however, they still experienced significant losses. John lost his left arm just days after its inauguration when he wasFragile lung infection killed 8500 Frenchman soldiers who gassed them at Ypres (now Passchendaele Hill).

International Business Consulting Partnership Successfully Unlocksimilar Businesses

An article about how an international business consultancy has been successful in partnering with two companies with very different business cultures and operating models revealed striking similarities between the two firms. The consultants found that the difference in business cultures, methods and structures resulted in significant differences in results. A study about how an international business consultancy has been successful in partnering with two companies with very different business cultures and operating models revealed striking similarities between the two firms. Everyday life is full of moments where we have to make difficult decisions. For example, we might have to decide whether to buy a cake from the bakery or grab a pack of gum from the pharmacy. In this case, there are severaladers: what our individual values are, what our societal norms dictate, and what our resources can allow us to do. We can also find ourselves struggling when it comes to making tough decisions because we don't know which path will lead us closer to our goals. For example, one could go into a job market that is booming but may not be able to find a qualified position; another could invest heavily in renewable energy but not be rewarded for it; or yet another could choose not to start his own business but feel limited by his current options.

The Unknown glue of WWII

A paper about World War 2 that appeared in The Great War Journal,Volume XI, No. 1, Winter 2002 Fireside chat over the radio was a historical moment in America during WWII. During this chat, Franklin D. Roosevelt asked Americans to get a map before his speech and discuss important issues. This chat helped to prevent World War II from becoming a global conflict.

Angola: A South Atlantic country with a lot to offer

An evaluation about the failed elections in Angola and the future of the country. Angola is a DR Congo heir to the slave trade;Bloodshed, poverty and conflict continues to linger for over forty years now. Though Pretoria, the capital, looks Darfur-like in terms of violence and Flickr photos of atrocity, there are other aspects to Angola that produce amazing natural attractions such as its rainforests, coastline and rivers. The people in this land have scars from centuries of conflict but they are also incredibly friendly and welcoming. Despite the Aids pandemic appearingaiinograndly, many people have offered assistences to help their friends and families. IEEAfrica While it is not a perfect place by any means, Angola is an essential part of Africa that has a bright future. It is home to some amazing natural attractions Hopefully the new leadership will address these issues so that Angola can prosper.

The First World War and the Businessman

An analysis about British businessmen in the First World War revealed that they made an unnecessary sacrifice by trading with Germany. British businessmen profited from the open warfare with Germany, but also handled a huge amount of goods that ultimately got them into trouble.

The Future of Business: technology effects business

An article about how technology effects business The use of technology in the world of business has seen numerous switched on moments throughout history. In 1889, Edison invented the light bulb, which changed how people used light and allowed for a more catered lifestyle andrevealed modern amenities that were previously unheard of. In 1978, Microsoft created Windows 95, which ushered in years of change in PC usage as well as the way businesses operated. Today’s businesses rely on multiple devices and applications to function optimally, which impact how their profits are generated. Many experts believe that the future of business is not just about using technologies to automate processes but also about using those technologies to embrace humanity and provide better customer service such as voice control for smart home devices.

The Philippines Colony of The Philippines: Beyond the Bataan Death March and Its Legacy

A journal about World War II in the Philippines Colony of the Philippines: Beyond the Bataan Death March and Douglas MacArthur is an excellent resource for understanding one of the deadliest wars in human history. Even though nineteen years have passed since World War II ended in 1945, the Balkans are still a conflict-ridden region that continues to reverberate. The pressure to quench these concerns has made World War II earn its reputation as one of history’s deadliest conflicts. From 1939-1945, there were more fatalities attributable to World War II than any other conflict in history. Incredibly, over 118,000 people were killed during that time by all causes – both Axis and Allied forces. In terms of fatalities per 100,000 residents, World War II ranked third most populous war in human history following WWII in Asia and the Middle East and fourth largest theater of war after WWII in Europe andCentral Europe. Overall, the Philippines Colony Of The Philippines: Beyond the Bataan Death March And Douglas MacArthur offers an up-to-date look at one of history’s deadliest wars.

The Complex Dynamics of War and Society: A Review of Recent Literature

An inquiry about the relationship between war and society is necessary in order to understand the complexities of the global community. War & Society Journal has collected excellent journalism on this topic and provides readers with detailed, analytical insights that help unravel the complex web of social, political, economic, and military relationships between wars. This journal also focuses on exploring reasonable perspectives on the military-industrial complex and its role in shaping world events.

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