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Business Writing Skills In The Philippines : The Studies

These studies on Business Writing Skills In The Philippines are fascinating and useful to know.

The Economic Cost of Bipolar Disorder

A study about mental health revealed that 25% of people suffer from bipolar disorder, or a mood disorder characterized by two extreme conditions on the same day that cannot be explained by stress, exhaustion, or medication. PubMed identified that bipolar disorder is one of the most common mental health issues in adults and can cause great economic loss. The study found that between 2003 and 2013, the cost to society was ¥27 billion for individuals with bipolar disorder alone; this could amount to $24 billion in total annual costs to society if all mental health issues were diagnosed and treated properly. The study also revealed that there are not enough treatment centers for those with bipolar disorder.

Business Writing Skills In The Philippines : The Studies

The Philippines: An Incredible and Dramatic Landscape

An analysis about the Philippines found that this country has some of the world’s most dramatic landscapes, consisting of both the Andes and the extreme southcentral Philippines. The heavily populated country peppers its landscape with islands, which make for some stunning sunrises and sunsets. Situated on the southern coast of South America, in between Peru and Chile, the Philippines offers a clear view of both aspects of South America.

The 10 Best Journal notebooks in the Philippines for 2022

A journal about 10 best journal notebooks in the Philippines for 2022 will show you that there are a vast variety of notebooks to choose from!

The Best Jobs for Graduates Schools

A research about businesses' preferences on employability skills reveals that many businesses are looking for a better quality major in graduates, specifically in those with business-related experience. In particular, the college industry appears to be+= indeed+= searching for people who have had previous experience in the industry or know how to get ahead within it. de Silva, et al. found that many academic institutions struggle to Offer appropriate degrees thatniw homeownership and entrepreneurship but offer excellent employability skillsets as replacements.

Philippine E-Journal on Research in International Affairs

A review about the journal, Philippine E-Journals, showed that the average volume of published papers is 864 pages and the average article is 3.2 pages long. Papers are range in topics including political science, business administration, social work, education, languge and literature. The journal attracts many researchers from all around the world who need a place to publish their research paper.

Accountancy graduates don't have to be experienced to succeed in the first job market

A review about the role of technical and soft skills in the first job market point out that, currently, the labor workforce in the Philippines needs accountants brought about by the ASEAN integration. As such, there is a greater demand for universities to produce graduates who are ready to face the real world of day-to-day responsibilities. To produce quality graduates, accountancy graduates must be in harmony. This study aimed to ascertain the necessity of having these skillsets along with experienced professionals.

The Practice of Journal Writing in Philippine History Class

An analysis about how journal writing has been used to enrich teaching Philippine history created by Mrs. Flores in Spanish is limited in writing skills. However, this strategy has been employed by Filipino teachers in History classes, specifically if given the occasion. By using a descriptive tone, the reader can understood how this writing technique has been used to engage students with the social sciences content taught in class.

Perceptual Capabilities of Written Words: A Review

A study about perceptual skills in written word graphs language, writing, perceptual skills A study about perceptual skills in written word. In research conducted on consumer perception in written words, it was found that different people use different abilities to perceive the elements of a sentence. This can be seen by the way words are choicely placed and how they are pronounced. It has also been shown that people perceive the form of words differently depending on where they are looking and how their eyes move. This research was conducted by Georgia Tech with the aim of understanding consumer perception of written words.

How Personal Development Can Improve Your Life

An analysis about personal development might be Inappropriate for thisdiscussion I'm sorry, but personal development is not appropriate for this discussion.

5 Benefits ofSchool Supplies in a Toxic World

A study about the ingredients in school supplies has found that some of them may be hazardous. many school supplies use unhealthy chemicals like NaCl and Potassium sorbate which could potentially be harmful to your health if not used correctly. Keep your school supplies stocked with clean, healthy ingredients so you can remain safe and healthy!

The Effect of Constructivist Learning on Reading Skills and Completion

An evaluation about the reading performance of students after they completed a course based on constructivist learning approach was conducted. The students were found to have improved their reading skills and comprehension when they took the course. When compared to the students who did not take the course, the students who completed the course showed a significant increase in their reading performance. The teachers who used this approach seem to be effective in communicating and understanding through the eyes of the audience.

How to be a Good Writer

A study about employment found that a low percentage of college graduates in the U.S. are fluent in writing. Low proficiency in written communication skills may impact career choices and potential workplace opportunities, especially if the personplays an important role in organizational communication. Although many students receive instruction on how to write effectively, few receive instruction on how to communicate effectively with others. One study determined that only 27% of students who received Associate's degrees in English had proficient written communication skills when they received their degree, while only 14% of those who received a BA or MA in English had such skill levels at the time of their test performance (Lincoln, 2002). In other words, even tho many graduates receive additional on-the-job training to improve writing ability, almost one out three college graduates has a substantially lower level of written communication skills than those who did not attend college. Consequently, businesses may find it more difficult to attract and retain high-quality employees when they have difficulty utilizing these individuals'writing ability as part of their personalprofessional toolkit. On the plus side, there are numerous enterprise-wide initiatives that focus on developing writers holistically - from web content conception and design to social media strategy - and hence increasing the pool from which writers can.

How English Writing Acuity Can Benefit Your Students

An inquiry about writing skills in English revealed that many students and teachers face challenges when it comes to writing. Many students struggle with giving clear and concise descriptions of their thoughts and feelings, while others find it nearly impossible to express themselves effectively in writing. However, despite the challenges, many ESL teachers believe that the benefits of writing for students far outweigh any disadvantages. Because English is such a widely used language, it is important for students to be able to learn how to write truly reflect their unique personalities and experiences.

Thinking about themes: effective ways forsecondary students to write effectively

A journal about the theme writing skills of Bachelor of Secondary Education students in Pangasinan State University Lingayen Campus, Philippines yielded a number of interesting findings. First, the profile of the students suggested that a most effective theme to them would be one that would appeal to their feelings and sensibilities. We also found that they generally gave a high degree of observance to the characteristics of an effective theme, which was seen as911 influential in shaping their writing behavior. This finding is likely due, at least in part, to the increased academic seriousness aimed at these students11 and their desire to reflect critically on and disclose their personal experiences in order to learn more about life. In sum, our study revealed that the important thing for larger themes is not so much how well they are written as it is how effectively they are communicated by the students themselves. In addition to these themes-focused writings skills being objectively noted by the teachers as being particularly strong among those studied, one trend conspicuously absent from this study was any clear definition or analysis of what "effective" actually means when it comes to writing themes. Presumably this would have included taking into account all elements - styles, voice and tone - that makes for an engaging andfly reading experience for readers ol virtual spaces.

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