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Career Academies American High Schools : The Studies

Obtaining some solid Career Academies American High Schools-relevant studies? This is them.

The Top 5 Best Career Academies in the United States

A study about the Career Academy shows that there are more and more career academies across the United States. The idea behind these academies is to provide students with a high-risk education in order to prevent them from dropping out or becoming disengaged from their coursework. The study found that while the percentage of students who dropped out was slightly higher among the occasional career academy students (22%), it was significantly lower among those who had attended one (59%). Furthermore, those who had attended an academy were also more engaged in their coursework than their non-academy counterparts (85% versus 66%). The study found that this change was most likely due to the increased resources and engagement offered by the academies.

Career Academies American High Schools : The Studies

The Career Academies: A System That Works

A study about the career academies has shown that this system can work to help students achieve civilian careers by integrating an educational curriculum with job placement services. The Career Academies have been shown to significantly decrease the amount of time it takes for students to get a first professional level job, and also make it more likely that these students will stay in the United States for their whole career.

An Investigation of the Drop-Off Rate of Student Participation in Career Academies

A review about career academies found that, in the southeastern high school district studied, 63 percent of students who participate in career academies graduate within four years. This is a drop-off rate of nearly 30 percentage points from comparison classes that do not participate in such academies.

Thegrowing trend of career academies in Akron, OH

A journal about career academies in Akron, Ohio, revealed that the intentions of these institutions are to connect talented young people with opportunities and feed them with the necessary skills for a successful career. Most of these academies offer full-time and part-time programs. The first academy, Ellet Community Learning Center, was launched in 2018. The Gafur Scholarship program was created to support students going through the academy. The Academy plans on awarding scholarships for multiple reasons such as academic excellence and engagement with extracurricular activities. The opening of the CLC marked a watershed moment in Akron's history as it home to one of the country's most renowned career academies. In this study, it was discovered that many students were lured away from their regular education institutions because they were offered access to full-time or part-time programs at different Ellet Academies.

The Top 5 Career Success Factors for those Who Care

A review about career development has shown that although there are many factors that may influence career success, having a strong planned and organized career development system can make your current and future employers more likely to hire you. The study also showed that having a well-planned career succession plan can make you less likely to give up the career you have chosen. having a solid present and future work history is also important in predicting future success.

The Career Academies of America Network Reveals Plans to Offer Unique Learning Experience

A journal about the Career Academies of America network reveal that the company plans to offer a unique learning experience for its students. The academies will house top-quality programs related to various Specialty Occupations, which will Catapult their students into successful careers. Contract approved by Regional Director-1 and Management Team for the Career Academies of America. The academies are receiving necessary financial assistance in order to start up and provide successful learning experiences for their students. The goal of the academy is to provide students with an all around great education and career path, not just an Ivy League degree or some other type of accolade.

Repressive Societies and Mental Health: A Cross-cultural Review

A paper about a repressive government finds that the system worsens the mental health of its citizens. The study's lead author, Mohammad A. Rafique, a social scientist at Islamabad's Panjab University, states: "Our findings suggest that not only are living standards and general happiness lower in societies with repressive governments, but also there is an increase in mental health problems like anxiety, depression and schizophrenia." The high school journal offers research, scholarship, essays, and reviews that critically examine the broad and complex field of secondary education. Founded in 1918, it is one of the oldest peer-Reviewed academic in education. Scholarship from High School Journals is critical for calling attention to innovative research and providing valuable input for educators who care about educating students to fairly engage with the world around them.

The Future of Academies in Escambia County

A study about the career academies Escambia County Schools plans to open next year found that they offer opportunities for students to pursue a variety of majors that may lead to successful careers. The academies were composed of Career Academies and will offer dual enrollment opportunities for students in high school. One of the major benefits of these academies is that students can get their training in a variety of fields that would lead them to successful careers. For Escambia County Schools, thisdiallowsstudentstofinda job after completing their academies. This study found that out of the six career academies, three would allow students to pursue a degree in business and marketing and two would offer degrees in health science.

The newest passion of Akron North High School students? College and career academies!

A journal about the Akron North High School now provides college and career academies to students as they head into high school. This change started in the 2016-17 school year with a freshman academy that focused on career exploration and building social skills in the first year of high school. The next year, the academies went "wall to wall" adding the Akron Children's of Health and Human Services and the of Global Technology and Business, each with four pathways for students to choose from. My favorites are definitely the Global Technology and Business pathway which includes working with a large company to learn about their industry and what they do best, as well as learning about entrepreneurship. Overall, I think this is an excellent change that will provide midsize schools like Akron North High with an excellent opportunity for their students to explore their options for college or career.

School Quality Rankings: West vs. East

An article about effective high schools found that the two highest performing schools were in the west and in good school districts with large populations of students of color. The two lower performing schools were in poor school districts with small populations of students of color.

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