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Career Academies Post-secondary Education And Employment : The Studies

We came across a few Career Academies Post-secondary Education And Employment studies with intriguing findings.

The Prevalence of Disabilities among College Students

An evaluation about the prevalence of disabilities among college students found that around 30 percent of respondents had a disability that impact their educational experience. The study also found that, while there is no perfect way to measure the prevalence of disabilities, it is clear that many students have challenges in meeting educational goals. The study was conducted byJMIS in partnership with the National Center for Campusfeaturing Disability (NCCC). The purpose of the study was to investigate how prevalent disabilities are among college students and identify ways to best supportDesktop and Online disabled students who are seeking an education. In this journal article, JMIS-NCCC teamed up with a team from Indera, Inc., which provides software known as iCanvas which helps students with disabilities create online courses. This software is designed specifically for disabled students and can be used by instructors to create course content andallel tests for both Desktop and Online courses. The study found that 30 percent of respondents had a disability that impacted their educational experience. The study also found that, while there is no perfect way to measure the prevalence of disabilities, it is clear that many students have challenges in meeting educational goals. One challenge faced bydisabled students seeking an education is finding suitable accommodations during their academic experiences which could.

Career Academies Post-secondary Education And Employment : The Studies

The Success of Inclusive Postsecondary Education

A study about inclusive postsecondary education found that the program is successful in connecting diverse students with an opportunity to fund and partake in workshops, activities, and experiences that can benefit them academically and personally. The study also found that the program has helped students feel supported by educators and have a positive impact on their community.

The Employment Situation of Postsecondary Graduates in France

A paper about the French situation shows that the worsening of the employment situation among postsecondary graduates is caused by a number of factors-aneating the aging of the first generation of graduates, and sometimes forced back onto the market due to unemployment. The lack of opportunities in teaching and civil service positions has also had a detrimental impact on employment status.

The Role of Employer Involvement in Career Academies

An article about secondary career and technical education in the United States found that employer involvement is a very important factor in ensuring successful completion of these types of programs. The study's authors found that 17 percent of institutions participant in the National Academy Foundation's (NASF) High School Career Academies reported that they had no contractor or donor partner involved. This figure was much higher than any other category, with 38 percent of institutions reporting that they had no such partner. This lack of contractor or donor involvement is due to two main reasons. First, contractors and donors can provide great resources for individual programs, but often do not have the same dedication for furthering theingleir goal of creating a well-rounded education for students. Second, often when contractors and donors are involved, they are onlyassociated with specific types of programs - such as vocational training - and not general career academies. As a result, these typeof partnerships help to ensure an even ripening over time and generally lead to Holly Daniela Hargrave’s dream becoming reality: “to see America’s high schools mushroom into full-fledged career academies.”.

The Jolt for Special Education Teachers: A predicted 17% Growth Rate

A review about the field of special education found that the growth rate for these positions is predicted to grow by 17 percent by 2018. Special education teachers working in their own classroom may find that the work itself does not require a degree, but the chance for advancement and pay is high. Salaries in this field can start as low as $33,370 per year and go up to $82,000. Special education teachers working with students who have specific needs can tend to earn a higher salary and have more opportunities for advancement than those working with normal students. Known as “Positions of Responsibility” or “POPs”, these jobs offer educatorsTITLE VII disabled pupils eight hours of instruction every day while providing accommodations throughout the school day. In addition, special education teacher assistants usually receive one-third less pay than regular classroom teaching Assistants position TITLE XIII public school employees who provide similar Services such as Bus/Transit and AlternateHome Day/Night attends public schools are also providing additional educational opportunity for children through activities such as band, chorus or soccer programs. With an increase in interest from conventional classroom teaching positions to fields such as special education and autism service provision, there will continue to be opportunities open for specialeducation teachers.

The Path to Satisfaction: How Connected Employeesform a Strong Network

An article about the effect of professional networking on employees' satisfaction revealed that employees who are connected to others in their field are more likely to be satisfied with their current job. The study found that such employees are better able to connect with different aspects of their work, make better decisions about their careers, and feel appreciated by their employers. It is important for businesses to foster the connection between employees and one another, so that everyone can reach their full potential.

The Impact of Career Development Theory on Practice

A study about the impact of career development theory on practice. The study found that career development theory has a significant impact on the way business owners, managers, and professionals think about their work and the way they interact with their colleagues. With the growing trend of hiring more women and people of color in the workforce, this study provides educators and counselors with invaluable advice on how to help employees reach their potential.

The most autistic adults exit the secondary school system

A study about 66 autistic adults who recentlyexit thesecondary schoolsystem shows that almost half (48%) spend their time at sheltered workshops or day activity centers. These centers often offer children and adults with autism specific programming, which can provide them with much needed group and socialization.

The lowest earners among those with intellectual disabilities

A review about employment outcomes for young adults with intellectual disabilities (ID) found that their earnings outcomes are among the poorest of any disability group. This is likely because they have low expectations and lack coordination between vocational rehabilitation services (VR) and development disabilities (DD).

Thetrends in internationalsecondary education: An overview

A study about the trends in international secondary educationreveals that there has been a recent increase in the number of students studying abroad. This trend may be due to various reasons such as the obesity pandemic and globalization, but it is also connected to the current political and economic conditions. Increasing numbers of students are looking for opportunities to learn new cultures and traditions.

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