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Career Development Strategies : The Studies

We found these Career Development Strategies studies are good for additional resources.

The Top 5 Career-O-Matic Tips of Professionals Who Use Meaningful Work Units

An inquiry about career development revealed that educators and professionals who focus on Career Awareness and Development (CAD) are more likely to have better career outcomes. Forbes Magazine’s article “4 steps for Making the Most of Your Career’s Crypto roadkill” profiled a group of educators and professionals who took various techniques to improve their careers. One such technique was the use of meaningful work units (MWUs).

Career Development Strategies : The Studies

Resilience Among Pharmacists in the Era of Economic Uncertainty

An article about faculty career development found that many faculty feel unonce againe theirpower to make significant career changes, despite available resources. Faculty frustration levels rose significantly when asked about changes they believed the organization could make in order to improve their working relationships with their direct …. Faculty Career Development: A State of Play | American Pharmacists Association …. OCTOBER 2010 Download PDF File >>Abstract The American Pharmacists Association (APA) issued a report on faculty career development in October 2010. We surveyed faculty of pharmacy schools and colleges about their experience with this important issue.Our survey revealed a state of play that is ….

The Journal of Career Exploration: A Tools for Business and Academic Professionals

A study about career journals showed that many business and academic professionals use them as a way to document their work and make progress on their career. They provide a space for reflectiveness and self-reflection, as well as a tool for tracking goals, progress, and aspirations.

The Influence of Theory on Counselor Success: A Comprehensive Study

A research about the applied theory of counseling has shown that the theories used in counseling can have a significant impact on the success of clients. Lynn Turner, a doctoral candidate in clinical psychology at Duke University, conducted a study that looked at how specific theories about human relationships were used by different counselors. Turner's study found that practitioners who believed in punishment-based therapy were much more likely than those who didn't to be successful with their clients. According to Turner, "the use of certain theoretical concepts can make or break a counselor.".

A Guide to Working toward Career Success: A Plan of Action

A review about career development reveals that one of the most effective ways to achieve long-term career success is through proper planning. This plan starts with understanding the definition of professional goals and then developing aStrategy for reaching these objectives. The next step is to focus on specific career goals that can be reached by doing specific activities. The last step is to create a Plan of Action based on these goals.

National Career trajectories of first-generation and immigrant students

An evaluation about the career trajectories of first-generation and immigrant students was published in the journal of career development in 2019. The study found that both groups of students experienced some challenges, but had a bright future ahead of them. It is important for the country to continue to focus on providing quality education for all, regardless of race or origin.

The Persimmon Group: Why They're Driving Innovation

A review about the Persimmon Group found that its president, Sara Gallagher, has helped organizations across many industries to thinkfully select, plan, and execute high-stakes projects. Gallagher is well-known for her strategy expertise and ability to provide consulting services and global speaking engagements to organizations.ogi Gallagher has helped clients improve decision making by providing step-by-step guidance on how to create a strategic plan and thenexecute it. She specializes in helping clients get the most from their resources by addressing CLIENT Truths such as cash flow limitations or marketing budget constraints. Additionally, she has the ability to provide one-on-one consultations for problem areas that need resolving before starting a project. Gallagher's focus on CLIENT Truths is unsurpassed within her industry. She takes the time to listen completely to her clients and understand their unique needs before prescribing an effective solution. Additionally, she uses cutting-edge technology in order to provide her clients with best results possible. By tailoring her services specifically to each client's requirements and objectives, The Persimmon Group is able to deliver value that meets or exceeds customer expectations.

The Effect of Career Development Experiences on Career Successfulness

A review about the effect of career development experiences on career successfullness has been undertaken. The study found that participants who had high-quality career development experiences reported increased self-efficacy, better work outcomes, and increased satisfaction with their job after leaving their position.


A research about healthy human functioning found that personal goals play a critical role in achieving healthy outcomes. They allowed people to focus on their personal satisfactions and objectives which in turn allowed them to be more effective employees. This study discovered that people who had personal goals achieved better job outcomes than those who did not. The findings showed that individuals can become successful by setting goals and focusing on fulfilling them.

Career Development in the Lifecycle: From Work to Retirement

An article about career development in the lifecycle found that there is much to be learned about career interventions and career development planning across different stages of life. The study found that people generally experience significant change and success while they are working, in their leisure time, and when they are preparing for retirement. This paper discusses the findings of the study and explores how these changes related to personal goals, professional aspirations, and life satisfaction.

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