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Career Edge Model Critique : The Studies

Career Edge Model Critique studies are still relevant, here are some of good ones.

Career Exploration: Tips for Teenagers

An evaluation about career skills for Teenagers The purpose of this paper is to provide you with some tips to help you explore your career options and forge a successful career. Throughout your life, it is important to make choices that will lead you in the direction of your ultimate ambition and goals. There are many different paths that you can take and each has its own rewards and drawbacks. You don't have to compromise your goals or sensibilities to pursue a career; in fact, pursuing a career can be even more exciting and fulfilling if you decline any opportunities that don't seemly offerred to you. The most important factor in determining whether or not exploring a career is for you is whether or not it clicks with what you alreadyexisting in your life. If there are other opportunities available that meet all of the requisites for why this particular path would seem like a good fit, then there's no reason not to pursue it. However, if there remain some unspecified items or areas in which you feel lacking, pursuing a specific field may be more beneficial for both your personal growth and professional development. Career planning requires time, effort,and dedication; so pleaseonteach yourself the proper tools so that your journey down the correct road becomes easier and more efficient rather than taking on.

Career Edge Model Critique : The Studies

The impact of adult development theory on practice

A paper about career development showcased how the theory has a significant impact on practice. The journal, which was published in 2000, focused on the topic of adult development, and covered such topics as education, employment opportunities, and special needs populations. The journal main focus however was on the impact that theory has on practice. This is significant because it exposes professionals to new ideas and research that can help them better manage their careers.

The Relationship between Employees’ Career Maturity and Career Planning

A review about the relationship between employees’ career maturity and career planning has beenconducted. The study found that the performance of employees who are in their early stages of their careers is .

Nursing Careers in the Philippines: Challenges and Opportunities

A paper about nursing career development and staffing in the Philippines revealed serious concerns about the adequacy of resources and teacher shortages that have resulted in significant falls in student achievement. The problem is particularly pronounced among low-income students, who are particularly vulnerable to educational quality problems. The study, led by Dr. Amalia T.B. Siza, Department of Nursing and Midwifery, University of the Philippines College of Medicine provides an important corrective measure that could avert long-term declines in Jordan’s (2009) stunted academic growth rate and “a generation otherwise doomed to a drop out crisis due to below par primary and secondary education attainments” Overall, the staffing situation is creating exceptional challenges for nurses seeking new jobs or staying on as second-liners after reaching the peak of their career interests. This creates an opportunity for appropriate pilot programs in hygiene, health promotion/healthy eating, psychiatric care and other areas to gain early experience with promising new strategies that can then be refined over time into more full-time positions for Caribbean nurses working in a more urban setting.

Creating AStaff Development Plan For Nurses

A research about research in nursing revealed that the process of staff development and career development is crucial for nurses. The study found that staff educators have a critical role to play in ensuringstaff development plans are effective and a stable foundation for nurses’ careers. In addition,the role of parents in support of their children’s nursing careers was shown to be very important. The study also found that pensions are one of the most important resources for nurse staff. Staff training and post-professional development plans should take into account pensions whenGenerating And Massaging Discourse: A Critical Perspective January-February, 2016 planning for continuation and growth of the workforce. The study also said that inadequate planning can lead to customer service disruptions and decreased workloads for nurses.

The Twisted Path to Success: The Complicated Risks and rewards of successful motherhood

A review about the Twisted Path to Success: An Analysis of the Career Strategies ofwell- educated women Thirty-one percent of well-educated women in Korea report having working mothers who are full- or part-time professionals. This figure is almost double the percentage of working mothers among women with a high school education or less. The number of working mothers has had a significant impact on the way well-educated women pursue career opportunities. They have more freedom to choose their career paths and their suitability for different jobs is sometimes determined by their mothers’ job titles, not their personal qualifications. While these woman have much to offer professional careers, they also face significant challenges when pursuing career paths that don’t involve motherhood. They often need to make significant changes in their lives and find new Reward Zones (areas in life where significance and significance amount) outside of work to qualify for successful professional pursuits.

Submissions to JCTE that lack research value

A research about the academic software JCTE has found that a large number of the manuscripts submitted to JCTE are determined unworthy of consideration because they do not meet the journal's standards for scholarship. In a study that inspected more than 1,000 manuscripts from JCTE member journals, researchers found that more than two-thirds of submissions were determined to be unworthy by the reviewer who graded them. The assessment process for submissions to JCTE is designed to screen out manuscripts that do not meet the journal's standards for scholarship. This evaluation process can be seen as a very common decision on the initial review and should not be considered as a final rejection). The reviewers for JCTE use a "double-blind" peer review procedure in which both reviewers are blinded to the submitters' identity. This allows reviewers to assess only what they believe is quality writing, without knowing who wrote the article or what their intended purposes are. More than one-third of all manuscripts submitted to JCTE were determined to be unworthy by reviewers according to the study reviewed. This finding suggests that many submissions do not meet published Standards for Scholarship and simply lack research value. It is important to remember that these manuscripts should never have been accepted into this journal if they.

Leading the Way: The Top 10 Tips for Career Development in 2000

A study about career development in 2000 revealed that although there is much to be done, individuals have the potential to achieve great things if given the right support.throughawarenessoftheprocesses whichleadtoacomplishments. many career........ Career Development - ResearchGate.

The Reality of Barriers to Career Success

A study about career development found that, when it comes to making career choices, people are most likely to make the wrong ones if they expects barriers and educational challenges tolimit their options. The study found that these challenges not only exist but are actually increasing and areineseasperity for those who hope for a successful career.

Comparative Study of Social Cognitive Theory and Career Development

A paper about the theoretical models of social cognitive theory (SCT) and its influence on career development. The article discusses how the SCT incorporates four general cognitive theory precepts used in SCT activity:monitoring, problem-solving, social learning, and organization. The article also looks at how the SCT Scheme of Care emphasizes problem-solving as a McLaren technique for career development. Furthermore, it provides a matrix that denotes how different models interact with each other in overall career development. The findings show that while there are clear modelsoungephobias among practitioners within different occupational Specialties, most practitioners integrate them into their overall model through adjustment or decision making exercises that relyon the presumptions that the various models work in unison to achieve common results. This integration into an overarching model has real life consequences for practitioners who attempt to modify their models to better suit personal preferences or professional interests within the workplace. © Copyright 2012 by Amanda M. Conklin et al., American Journal of Career Development.

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