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Career In Science Or Engineering : The Studies

Here are some excellent Career In Science Or Engineering studies that are still relevant today.

Graphene Oxide Solar Cells: The Future of Solar Energy

An evaluation about graphene oxide solar cells has recently shown that the device was able to produce consistent power demands up to 93.4 watt hours from a lowly 1 watt LED illumination source. This was despite the fact that the graphene oxide solar cell was only filled with lower quality Schottky cells, which had low output efficiency when used in this application.

Career In Science Or Engineering : The Studies

Engineering Revolution: Across Frontiers

A study about the engineering discipline itself and its wide variety of disciplines. The engineering discipline has come a long way since it was first identified as one of the most important interests in medieval Europe. This ancient and complex field has evolved over the centuries, swinging from traditional craftsmanlike skills to modern theorizing and software development. Even though many core skills were once basics of the profession, today’s engineers are able to tackle vast problems in a wide range of fields, from architecture to automotive manufacturing. There is no doubt that engineering has come a long way in recent decades, with many technologies and industries becoming more227figurative natural phenomena than ever before. The variety of fields that engineers can cover is almost unlimited, making it one of thearest sources for challenging ideas and pushing boundaries in every imaginable direction. indices;v4;a4.

The International Journal of Engineering Science's subscriber decline

An article about the publish?day activity of the International Journal of Engineering Science found that submissions in this journal decreased by nearly one third (30%) compared to 2016. The decrease could be attributed to a handful of retracted articles and a low interest in appears in the journal overall.


A study about an engineering student The study about an engineering student revealed that he is knowledgeable about computers, operating systems, and other technological aspects. He also seems to be passionate about engineering and enjoys working on difficult projects.

The Future of Science and Engineering

An evaluation about the job choices in science and engineering showed that the number of positions in these fields is expected to grow significantly in the next two decades. This growth will come from both the increase in technological advances as well as new advances in equipment and software development.

Sage Open Access: The Leading Journal for Engineering Research

An inquiry about the engineering journal SAGE, which bills itself as the "premier authority on engineering research," reveals that it is one of the leading journals in its field. Besides its focus on publishes articles about robotics, computing and textiles, SAGE also offers an Open Access database of scholarly papers. This database makes it easy for researchers to access published research from around the world. The dataset also offers researchers a wealth of data about how different journals publish research, as well as information on which journals are highest quality and highly visible within their field.

The Cost-to-Performance tradeoff in Three Industrial Sectors

An article about the tradeoff between cost and performance in three industries According to the International Standard ISO 4 ( Information and Documentation – Rules for the abbreviation of title words and titles of publications), there is a tradeoff between cost and performance when it comes to three industries: manufacturing, construction, and research & development. In these industries, optimizing the cost-to-performance equation can result in improved outcomes. However, doing so can be difficult because different companies areates have different needs.

The Declining Use of Academic Scientists in Science

A review about the shrinking number of academic scientist found that there are a dwindling number of people who want to become an academic scientist. Most scientists these days desire other career opportunities outside of academia, and the demand for academic scientists has slowly been decreasing over the last two decades. In fact, only a small percentage of scientists now hold tenure-track positions in their field. Unfortunately, this trend is likely to continue as more scientific disciplines move away fromitted research and onto collaborative projects.

Engineering self-efficacy and interest: A study

An analysis about self-efficacy and interest in engineering careers found that self-efficacy was positively associated with interest in the career and that outcome expectations were positively associated with interest. The study's authors say that these findings suggest that people have a strong desire to pursue a career in an engineering field and possess good self-efficacy ability which is crucial for achieving success.

The Effects of Cognitive Load on Middle and Upper Secondary Education Students

A journal about the effect of cognitive load on the performance of students in middle and upper secondary education showed that the students who encountered more cognitive load during average daily classroom activities tended to have worse academic results than those who encountered less cognitive load. Furthermore, those who experienced higher levels of cognitive load at school typically consumed more education opportunities and engaging activities, which may lead to UNDERSTANDING problems among these groups.

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