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Career Selection Factors : The Studies

These studies provide a range of findings regarding Career Selection Factors.

Factors Influencing Career Choice in Bangladesh: A Dilemma.

A journal about the influencing factors of career choice in Bangladesh revealed that there is an increasing demand for educated workforce, as a result of economic development and diversification in job market. However, the dilemma faced by job seekers becomes more complex as goals are often influenced by certain socio- demographical and cultural factors.

Career Selection Factors : The Studies

The Journey of a Professional Young Woman: From Morning Starter to Executive

A paper about a young woman's journey from a morning starter to an executive in the industry showed her experiences and progress as a professional. Samantha has always been quick learner and had a love for problem solving. Her passion for the outdoors led her to start a non-profit organization which organizations children that have experienced no thanks from theirfamilies. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family and dog.

The Career Commitment Factor Structure of Knowledge Staff: A Comparative Study

A paper about the career commitment factor structure of knowledge staff- Yu Chen A recent study by Yu Chen examined the career commitment factor structure of knowledge staff. The study found that, on average, those with more than five years of professional experience are more committed to their field than those with less experience. The analysis also found that the length of professional experience does not correlated with a person's commitment to their work.

personal preferences and prior positive experiences lead to successful career choices

An evaluation about medical career choices shows that personal interests and prior positive experience are two of the most influential factors. The study also found that other factors, such as experience, are also influential but not as influential as these two.

The implications of mixed reality technology on the development of career trajectories

A paper about careers in mixed reality has found that by using mixed reality® tools, a career can be tailored to meet the needs of the individual. Mixed reality technology is a novel form ofgerontology and careers research which seems to have great potential for the development of new career... career developers should carefully consider how this technology can be used to develop the models and structures of their careers.

The Role of Social Media in Career Selection

A study about social media in the selection process of professional wrestlers suggests that an individual's social media presence may play a significant role in their career selection. The study found that wrestlers with more depth and experience in social media platforms performing better than those with no social media experience. Researchers believe that an individual's ability to connect with other people on social media platforms are powerful tools forFujiFilm plc The Journal of Vocational Behavior: Conference Proceedings Aug 01, 2016 by: Donald G. Wagner, Ph.D., Payroll Administrator, Western Illinois University A Social Learning Theory of Career Selection - SAGE Wiley We do not necessarily endorse this content.

The career aspirations and factors influencing career choices of optometry students

An article about career aspirations and factors influencing career choices of optometry students showed that most of them aspire to become clinicians or researchers. Females were more likely to pursue an interest in pediatric optometry than males. This study also found that most students are looking for good income in their careers.

Medical Careers at a Glance

An analysis about medical career choices found that the most important determinant of career choice appeared to be the flexible training and practice of medical. This flexibility was determined by factors such as the opportunity for part-time training, flexible working hours, and input from the patient.

Proven Supports the Careers of STEM Students in Nigeria

A study about STEM students in Nigeria finds that one of the most influential factors in their career decisions is family life. Educators Kingdom quoted a study by Fidelity Consulting that found that the vast majority of Nigerian STEM students surveyed indicators their families and friends are supportive of their chosen field. Simply put, they want to support their loved ones as they pursue a career in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

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