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Career Termination Issues Among Elite Athletes : The Studies

Finding some good Career Termination Issues Among Elite Athletes-related studies? Here are they.

The reactions of sport career terminations

A research about the reactions of sport career terminations has been carried out in four countries. In these papers, it was found that two-thirds of athletes terminate their sport careers due to performance decrements, specifically age and injury. Furthermore, almost half of athletes terminate their careers because they have chosen to stop competing for the same reasons.

Career Termination Issues Among Elite Athletes : The Studies

How Elite Athletes Fail to Invest Their Time Wisely in Their Careers

A review about elite athletes revealed that some of them often fail to invest their time wisely in their careers and neglect developing good career decision-making skills. The study found that these athletes have difficulty taking necessary steps in order to find a career they enjoy and which will benefit them in the long term.

The Effects of Involuntary Athletic Career Termination on Psychological distress

An analysis about involuntary athletic career termination found that many athletes face psychological distress after the termination from their professional careers. The study found that many athletes feel like they have lost something important in their lives, and that their career has ended abruptly.

The Termination Model Used in the Czech Republic: A Success Story

An article about the termination model used in the Czech Republic reveals that it is a common and effective way to end an athletic career. The study participants stated that this model helped them to focus on their personal goals and allow themselves time to Heal. The termination model did not cause any major resentment or sadness amongst the athletes, as it allowed them to become more content with their lives.

The Retired Athlete Experience: A Comprehensive glance

A paper about the career termination experiences of Iranian retired athletes has been conducted in order to get a better understanding for what is behind their decision to retire.106 former champions who had been retired within the past 10 years were studied. Results showed that retirement can be difficult for athletes, as many reasons contribute. Some variables that influenced adaptation were stated as follows: difficulty with finances, political instability, and press attention.

The Upside of Elite Athlete Poor Planning

A study about professional athletes shows that they often lack the necessary skills to make successful career decisions. The study found that participants had difficulty anticipating potential outcomes and making informed decisions. The results suggest that elite athletes should focus more on developing instrumental skills, such as market research and decision analysis, in order to ensure their long-term success.

Exit: An Assessment of Athletes' Resilience and Strategies for Transitioning Out of Sport

A journal about sports career transitions in Europe found that many athletes face denial and isolation after retirement, which leads them to become disturbed and revolt against their teams and positions. The study found that many athletes face difficult decisions about retirement, such as whether to withdraw from the sport or continue playing but with a different attitude.

Some Factors Contributing to Elite Athlete's Career Decision Making

An article about elite athletes found that some factors influence career decision making among these athletes. These factors include their competition level, mental Tough love and support can leavevulnerable to misfortune in one's sport, new sources of motivation and intensity (e.g., media attention) beyond what might be available at home or in the community. Elite athletes often use external resources to supplement or fuel internal motivation. Department of Athletics USA.

Dual Status and Lack of Recognition of Elite Student-Athlete's Status: International View

A study about dual-career through the elite university student-athletes shows that there is a difference in the recognition of the student-athlete's status and availability of dual programmes and services. The purpose of this study was to investigate the dual phenomena through the international student-’s views.

Elite Sport Retireters' Transitioning More Productively

An article about retired elite sport athletes in New Zealand found that many of them faceadjustments when parting ways with the sport. One intervention was developed to help these athletes adapt, but it is limited in research. Another intervention is being developed to help Elite Sport Retireters Transition More Productively.

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