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Career Termination In Sport : The Studies

It is quite difficult to discuss Career Termination In Sport-related research.

The grim realities of sport career termination

A study about the main causes of sport career termination found that when athletes reported terminating their sport careers because of injury, they were on average two and a half years older than athletes who continued the sport. The study also found that all the swimmers (n =5) who were interviewed terminated their because of a shoulder injury.

Career Termination In Sport : The Studies

The Negative Consequences of Involuntarily Terminating an Athletic Career

A journal about career termination and its effects on employees has shown that involuntarily terminating an athletic career can have serious consequences. The study found that those who terminate their Athletic careers tend to experience a number of negative changes in their personal lives and work settings.

The Impact of Forced Retirement on the Development of psychopathology symptoms

An article about the effects of involuntary athletic career termination on the development of psychopathological symptoms was conducted. The study found that when professional national team-athletes experience forced retirement, they experience a higher incidence of psychopathological symptoms.The study was conducted in order to better understand how these symptoms may be affecting an athlete’s life and career prospects.

The End of an Athletic Career

An evaluation about the career and orientation of athletes after professional sports competition found that many have reached a point in their lives where they are ready to end their athletics careers. Many wrestlers and other competitive athletes experience health problems that eventually lead to cancellation of their professional careers. Financial problems often hit the athletes when they lose their jobs or when the government reduces financial support for sport. Cultural factors also play a role in career endings. Athletes who try to maintain traditional sporting activities such as weightlifting or tennis are often brought down by lifestyle changes made by society.

Preparing for Transition and Life After Sport: Alesandro Salini's Experiences

A paper about the experience of transition and life after sport in a group of retired professional athletes found that many retired athletes struggled with preparing for their retirement and dealing with the changes that come along with it. Two overarching themes emerged from the data analysis: (a) preparing for transition and planning for retirement and (b) ….

The Art of the Aloof Retiree

An evaluation about therugby league internationals played in New Zealand revealed that 85% of athletes who retired from professional rugby leagues experienced at least some distress and 52% reported severe distress. The study found that many retirement interventions were not successful in assisting elite athletes to adjust to their retirement.

unhealthyprofessionalcareers: A Review of how Career Termination is Measured

A study about footballersTerminating their careers highlighted how players across all levels of play tend to measure their outcomes in different ways. The study participants talked about their opinions on how career termination is measured, how instability affects outcomes, and how personal relationships influencers these measurements. The findings provide insights that can be helpful for those who are thinking about terminating their own professional careers.

The Ethical Peril of College Sports: Player Exit and the Role of Athletic Background

A study about transition experiences of former Collegiate Women’s Soccer Players shows that some players experience a positive effect from leaving the sport, while others experience negative effects. The study found that athletic and non-athletic factors play a role in the player’s exit from collegiate athletics, with many players experiencing a positive effect from leaving compared to those who do not have such an athletic background. This was likely due to the greater focus on both physical and mental health in college athletics than it is in the general population, which provides an opportunity for athletes to focus on their physical and mental well-being outside of competitive sports.

The Transition of Elite Athletes: The Need for New identities

A study about the transition of elite athletes from one career to another revealed that many feel the need for new identities. Rafael Vega, an elite 400-meter lathe racer and world champion in the event, stated, "I don't know what my future holds. When I retire I have no idea." Many others in this study reported feeling often unfulfilled in their current careers because they felt they had not achieved their original goals. Many elite athletesseek opportunities to explore new career paths after completing their active careers.

5 Tips for Starting a Career Journal

A paper about career choice helps college students make informed career choices. Career journals offer a convenient way to document and analyze your experiences in the workplace. A variety of file types, such as electronic or paper-based, are popular. The following are five tips for starting a career journal: Be clear about what you want to retain when you complete your journal. Use this clarity as a springboard for further thoughts and discussion about your chosen career. Deliver on your promise to keep your journal honest.ostensibly, every journal should serve a unique purpose--not simply an account of work progress. Make sure that yours does, too! From time to time, review archived materials to refresh your memory on the latest events and developments in your field of interest. Use this opportunity not just to reflect on the past but also to generate fresh ideas for the future.

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