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Digital Environment Consumer Behaviour : The Studies

Well see studies on various subtopics related to Digital Environment Consumer Behaviour this time.

The Role of Service Providers in the Consumer Experience

A paper about how consumers think, feel and behave when they interact with suppliers and service providers. TheJournal of Consumer Behaviour is a leading journal devoted to studying the behaviour of consumers. Their research focuses on the ways in which consumers interact with suppliers and service providers. Their papers are typically highly valuable due to their’s rich, descriptive content. JCB Best Paper of the Year Award is a recognition given to papers that have wide-ranging and cutting-edge research findings.

Digital Environment Consumer Behaviour : The Studies

Digital consumer decision-making:Implications for marketing

A study about how consumers think and use digital products has revealed that some may never even try them because they are not convinced that they will be good for them. The study also found that many people use digital products as a way to communicate with others and make decisions. One of the main findings from the study was that people are more likely to try something if it does not harm them or someone else, but that is not always true for all digital products.

Digital Marketing Habits Revealed: How People Are Reacting to the Internet

A review about consumer behavior towards digital marketing revealed that a lot of people are curious about the new technology and are looking to get more information about it. Some people also feel that the use of digital platforms offers a new way to reach out to customers and make deals.

The Role of Environmental Design inincreasing Electric Highway Milages

A research about environmental design in a contemporaneous urban area shows that it can significantly increased the actual electric road mileage by almost 50%. The study was done by Thom Mansell, who is an Assistant Professor of Urban Planning at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health. His team research is focused on public health, and this study was important because it provides new insight into how environmental design can be used in areas where electric vehicles are widely used and saw high decreases in driving emissions. The team found that, when they looked at the miles driven per capita, the effects of environmental design on electric highway mileage were significant. The increased electric highway mileage was due to the addition of abandoned cars and homes being counted as miles traveled, which decreased emissions by roughly 20%.

Use of Digital Tools and Platforms Among U.S. Consumers 2010: How They Use Them

An article about consumer's digital consumption behaviour in the United States has revealed that people areusing more digital tools and platforms to communicate with each other and consume media. Consumers are also using social media more as a way of connecting with friends and family, which has led to an increasein Fanservice (Davenport, Fenton & Swarr, 2006). Some of these digital tools include: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and LinkedIn. These platforms allow consumers to communicate with each other, share content,and watch videos and pictures. Additionally, these websites allow consumers to purchase goods or services from vendors.

Theories and Research on Behavioural Intervention for Consumers

An inquiry about how people live their lives and why they shop is essential to understand them and their motivations for choices. The Journal of Consumer Behaviour projects the latest theories and research achievements in this field which will lay the foundation for understanding behavioural interventions for consumers.

The Impact of Environment on Person's Decision Making

An article about the effects of environment on decision making showed that some people are more likely to make bad decisions when they have restricted options than when they have more options. People who had fewer choices were more likely to choose the incorrect option, whereas people who had more choices were more likely to choose the correct option. This study showed that some people are just best able to make bad decisions when they have limited options.

The Cognitive Effects of Technology on Brand Behaviour

A study about the cognitive effects of technology on brand behaviour has shown that people's initial beliefs about a product can impact their purchase decision. The study analysed data from 1,500 participants who browsed through internet Web sites and purchased products. The study found that people who thought the product was innovative and new were more likely to buy it than those who thought the product was traditional. In addition, those who thought the product would improve their quality of life were more likely to buy it than those who thought it would simply be an entertainment item.

The Pro-Environmental Behavior of Consumers

A study about pro-environmental behavior by consumers found that many people identify as pro-environmental even though they may not act on their beliefs. The study found that many people believe that it is a moral issue to do something about the environment and have pro-environmental behaviors.

Sustainability of Consumer Behavior and the Environment

A journal about the environmental sustainability of consumer behaviour found that it creates a duplicative impact on the environment. Theparser- GarbageBOX created more pollution than the reused bagel. The study also found that this type of behaviour reinforces environmentally unsustainable practices by encouraging more people to engage in such practices.

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