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Digital Firm Performance : The Studies

We found these Digital Firm Performance studies are good for additional resources.

Digital Capabilities Improve Firm Performance by Improving Use of Information

A study about digital capabilities and firm performance showed that digital capabilities can improve Firm performance by improving the use of information. Digital capabilities enable digital activities, which impact the use of information to improve process because it is an activity with internal origins. Digital capabilities can be used by companies in various ways, such as developing new technologies and specializing in certain areas. Study findings revealed that companies with better digital capabilities are typically those that have higher profits and are more competitive than those without better digital capabilities.

Digital Firm Performance : The Studies

The Negative consequences of Digital Innovation on Firm Performance

A study about the consequences of digital innovation on firm performance has been conducted by using panel data regressions. The study found that,executing M&A led to the expansion of firms, while poor execution caused a decline in firm size. PMN is an important factor in the expansion and longevity of firms, as well as their ability to competitively advantage their industry.

Digital Transformation drives manufacturing firm performance in China

A study about the effects of digital transformation on the performance of manufacturing firms in China is under way. The study finds that a digital transformation will have a significant impact on the performance of manufacturing firms. The main mechanism through which digital transformation will affect the performance of manufacturing firms is through investment, as this will lead to increased production volume and improved financial results.

The Impact of Digital Business Capability on Customer Satisfaction

A journal about the impact of digital business capability on customer satisfaction found that customer satisfaction was massively improved when businesses had the ability to effectively manage their digital business transformation. This research shows that companies that are able to efficiently implement a digital business capability cavity make sure they have a regard for a customer’s satisfaction, as this will help them stay competitive.

The Eighth Annual Monitor on Firms' Overall Performance

A paper about the firm performance ratings and measures found that, although statistically impeccable, some firms display poor general performance. Consequently, the tools and techniques available to firms in order to improve their overall results should be examined.

Digital Marketing Capabilities and the Benefits of They Company

An article about the value relevance of digital marketing capabilities to firms indicates that these capabilities provide a number of potential benefits for businesses, including increased customer loyalty andurchases, increased brand awareness, and increased leads conversion rates. In addition, the use of digital marketing capabilities can help to reduce the cost of customer service and increase customer satisfaction.

Starbucks pulls off excellent stock performance in strong economy

An analysis about the firm performance revealed that the company is in good shape, with strong profits and satisfactory results. Furthermore, it has effortless operations and efficient management. The study showed that the companyBoycottStarbucks The firm performs well and makes good profits. Management is easy to work with and maneuvered to get great results. The organization is efficient and always moving forward. Despite the recent stock market slump, Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson is doing a great job in keeping the company strong by implementing innovative new plans. The firm makes good profits and exhibits satisfactory performance. managements are easy to work with, efficient, and progress foward despite difficult times. coffee beans source.

The Handbook of measurement models of firms

An evaluation about the definition and measurement models of firms has been recently published. The study provides an overview of both the definitions and the most common measurement models used by firms. It is conceivable that these models could lead to improved understanding of how firms operate, as well as help developing nations build successful businesses.

Digital Transformation Firms Response to Industry Variability

A study about digitalization and firm performance found that the results varied depending on the industry. The study found that in industries where digital technologies were used to offer more product variety, firms Maraekji and Janssen performed better than those in industries where digital technologies were used to automate key functions. However, when firms used digital technologies to improve customer service, they did not perform as well as those using traditionallt;eanwhile, firms in industries that used digital technologies to mechanize production did not experience the samedigitization benefits.

Exploration and Firm Performance

A review about the organizational Ambidexterity and Firm Performance found that firms who are highly exploratory are less able to maintain their performance and are typically more reliant on repeat exploitation than those that are less exploratory. This finding suggests that firms with low exploration spend more time exploiting their resources which can hinder their overallfrmture.

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