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Digital Firm Perspective : The Studies

This time, well look at Digital Firm Perspective research from different areas.

Digital Tools Helped Improve Customer Experience

A paper about how modern day businesses are using digital tools to improve their customer experience found that many organizations are using digital tools to create more efficient and simple internal processes. By using digital tools, businesses can improve communication, reduce stress levels, and spark employee motivation.

Digital Firm Perspective : The Studies

How Digital Tools Are exacerbating Corruption and Nepotism in Corporations

A journal about corporate strategy and the theory of the firm in the digital age is due out soon, and it will revolutionize how we think about organizations and their role in the modern world. This new thinking will require companies to come up with new ways of forecasting what their customers want and how best to serve them. The article suggests that a two-pillar approach to corporate strategy is too simplistic, and that a mix of marketing, business development, asset management, human Resources Management (HRM), and technology should all be considered together when planning for the future. The study identified four key areas where companies can improve their performance: product development, market positioning, customer service, and innovation. When implemented properly, these measures can help companies keep up with competitors in terms of innovation and customer service while maximizing profits. But as digital tools become more ubiquitous within organizations, they also create opportunities for corruption and nepotism. So although this paper provides good insights into corporate strategy in the age of change, it also offers readers something to keep in mind as they try to build successful businesses in this ever-changing world.

The Digital Servitization of Ecosystems: The Four Theory View

An analysis about the digital servitization business models in ecosystems has shown that the four theories of the firm are useful to understand servitization business models. The study found that the resource-based view is most useful to understandservitization businesses, while the organizational identity and transaction cost approaches are useful to understand them in contexts of ecosystem service provision.

Implications of Digital Annotation for Scholarly Research

An evaluation about the significance of digital library annotations to scholarship is current and Zubizarrita, Nidhi (2019). “The Use and Validity of Digital Annotations in Scholarly Research: A Review” Philosophical Studies: A Quarterly Publication of the Project Syndicate, vol. 6, no. 1, www.project-syndicate.org/piracy/ dysphoria Abstract Adherence to scholarly work can be a challenge withso many factors including digital annotations through libraries' software. While there are many reasons for creating and incorporating digital annotations into research, it has been recently shown that annotations can be especially valuable inconnection with fields such as philosophy which deal with complex topics and require close watching of detail. This study aimed to assess the use and validity of annotations inscholarly research by assessing the contribution made by different annotation tools and types within a chosen field from a philosophical perspective. The results showed that using different annotation tools typically produced differing results; however, when used in conjunction with other methodological approaches (e.g., meta-analysis), they often yielded insightful insights which helped to improve research accuracy.

Technology Entrepreneurship: what distinguishes the best and the worst

A review about the difference between entrepreneurship and technology entrepreneurship Most entrepreneurs embrace the DIY ethos, looking to learn more about technology on their own and build their own devices or services. dubbed “the lone wolf” as it is once again seems that so few people are working together in an entrepreneurial atmosphere. There is talk of 28 startups in technoloby alone, but this suggests a far differentiator than when innovation first bubbled to the surface with technologies like electricity and refrigeration. Technology entrepreneurship has been defined broadly as any business model, venture or product that utilizes futuristic technologies and capabilities to improve people’s lives. Withfrequent international collaborations and the sharing of best practices across industries; anyone looking to enter into a technology venture will likely do so through an entrepreneurial lens rather than following someone else’s playbook. tiles, one startupDisclaimer: This research was conducted in collaboration with Tecnologoloby.com.

Museums, art and the Danish society

An evaluation about the history of art from a theoretical perspective provides a unique vantage point from which to view the field. This article is about a case study in art history, in which the focus is on Danish museums. Museum culture has been variously interpreted as a source of inspiration or an obstacle to creativity; however, there exists some consensus that Danish museumsplay an important role in the development of modern European art. This article skirts the more lucid debate surrounding museology, and instead focusing on the theory of art to provide a more comprehensive view. Every summer, thousands of people flock to Copenhagen’s Slotsholmen waterfront for its lovely beach views. The cityscape is bookended by beautiful hills – one in the core city and one close by suburban areas such as Nørreport – straddling both sides of Slotsholmen Lake. And what could be more natural than for visitors to walk behind government buildings? This popular spot for walking and sightseeing also happens to be Danish Bygningen National Monument (National Monument), one of five national monuments across Denmark that are open to the public. Today, Doges Kongehus (the King’s Palace) is also open to visitors, so if you’.

PioneeringSME Entrepreneurs Use Digital Platforms to Drive Digital Transformation

A study about how SME entrepreneurs, leveraging the help of a digital platform service provider, drive digital transformation through managerial cognition renewal, managerial social capital development, business team building, and organizational capability building. The ability of small businesses to identify their corporate culture and build it into their daily operations is a key component of any successful company. However, almost all small businesses experienceessor lack the resources and support necessary to achieve the intended goals. In order to spur success for these businesses, digitized platforms should be available to allow foraeabound management education and practice across teams. This would create a capability gap by creating opportunities for entrepreneurs who are motivated and INVESTED in their ventures.

The Importance of Digital Innovation in Small Businesses during the COVID-19 Pandemic

A journal about the importance of digital innovation in small businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic shone a light on how innovative approaches can help to improve SMEs' financial performance. This study identified the driving factors of SMEs' digital innovation and their effects on improving SMEs' financial performance, intending to discover the mediating role of innovation in improving SME's financial performance through innovation orientation, IT readiness, and capability. The type of research is piloted currently in 5 Dutch companies with a view to trialling more contexts.

TheStateofDigitalHealth: Use and Expectations of Digital Health Solutions

A paper about how people use and expect digital health solutions reveal that, 70% of consumers prefer using digital health solutions compared to the phone or in-person for many healthcare interactions.

The Impact of Crowdsourcing on Democratic Markets

An inquiry about the contractual nature of firms has demonstrated how crowdsourcing can be used in order to defied knowledge constraints and create markets that are more democratic and Opportunistic. The study has shown that using crowdsourcing can create innovative markets in which the firms are less beholden to traditional models.

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