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Digital History Archive : The Studies

We didnt find many studies on Digital History Archive that had interesting results.

Digital History Anomaly? A Review of the Article

A journal about the history of digital history reveals anomalies in how the article is written and how it is topic treated. It is clear that there needs to be a revamping of the way articles are written in order for them to reflect better the diversity of digital history as a field. There are numerous glaring problems with the way this article is written, which negatively affect the legitimacy and transparence of the field. One glaring problem is that it tightly focuses on one particular aspect of digital history without taking into account other important dimensions. In addition, the treatment of this topic Madonnaologically makes no sense whatsoever, perpetuating an often negative connotation towards technology in general which could potentially benefit both sides involved in this debate ( historians and technology ). Another glaring problem with this article is its focus on male practitioners who typically write about digital history as if their expertise or knowledge supersedes anything else found outside of traditional media studies disciplines. This does not reflect well on the work done by women within this field, who oftentimes face more difficulty in getting manuscripts published and receive less recognition from editors. Lastly, Fabrication Theory’s approach to digital history—whichalmost-inevitably skirts questions about whether there was such a thing as a “digital age.

Digital History Archive : The Studies

The role of technology in American history: 1990-1999

A study about the history of the internet in the United States during the 1990s is important not only because it discusses a significant period in American history, but because it also reflects on how technology has shaped our present world. The internet was first invented in 1969 by Bill Gates and Ralph Nader, and became an increasingly popular tool throughout the 1990s. In 1994, over ninety percent of all pageviews on The New York Times website were generated through online services such as HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol) and email. At the same time, America was going through a great change - more people were becoming economically advantaged and more voice were being heard from beneath formally cushyHillbillyWingnut seats. In this critical period for American society, technology played an essential role in both preserving democracy as we knew it and promoting aggressive wealth creation.

Saving International Journal of History: A Comprehensive Guide

A paper about the history of the International Journal of History offers a glimpse into the inner workings of a small and literary journal. understood, in large part, as a forum for explore cutting-edge scholarship on international relations, the journal has seen its share of action over the years. The series Steady on the Wave: A qualitative study of International Journal of History edited by Young-jong Ahn and Sungjae Park reflects that. Published annually since 2001, it attracts writers from all over the world who are interested in discussing how current events shapeHS interaction with global problems. In fact, Issues and Response has become one of IJM's most popular journals amongonicaEditors".

Ontario's Cultural Heritage: A Review

A paper about the history of Ontario reveals that the province has a long and rich tradition of government. The first census in 1851 showed that the population of Ontario was over 9 million people. This was an incredible achievement for a small province, and it only grew larger through growth in agricultural production, industry, and immigration. From politics to culture, Ontario has had an impact on many aspects of the Canadian . Ontario History Journal Digital Archive.

The 1871 Amendment to the Philadelphia Constitution: A Profile

An article about the Platt Amendment of 1871. Various historians have looked at the amendment, which provided for a set amount of voting power for specific neighborhoods in Philadelphia, and its effects. One particular historian has looked at the amendment in particular, exploring what it may have done for black citizens in Philadelphia. The Platt Amendment of 1871 is significant because it helped to keep African Americans in their place and made it difficult for them to run for office.

The lost archives of nineteenth-century newspaper circulation

An article about cartography and the digital making of nineteenth century newspapers revealed that the Archives and Special Collections in Higher Education is filled with materials related to "Mill Girls in Nineteenth-Century Print." These materials provide an unique perspective on early twentieth century American culture, and allow students to learn about how cartography was used to create and circulation manuscripts.

The African American Legacy in Recorded Black America

An article about the formation and transmission of traditional African music in the United States during the late 20th century reveals a number of unique processes and contexts shaping African American music history. First and foremost, the so-called " Recorded Black America" of the 1920s and 1930s was a time of rapidly expanding colonial empires and massive migration, which inevitably affected African American musical expression. Anthropologist Rodney Hill has written that "enormous concentrations of slaves were concentrated in key Antilles...Music thenceforth became transmuted into racial signals." In addition to enslavement, this period also saw a dramatic transformation in lifestyle for many African Americans; during this time, they ceased using drums as primary percussion instruments, substituted chromatic vocal reproductions and polyrhythms for hand harmonizing traditional songs andinstead developed more personally creative pieces of music that shared themes with white popular music. Because only white jazz bands ventured into these new areas at this time, much black American popular music cannot be traced back to musical sources from before then. Secondarily, but importantly, this period also witnessed a dramatic transformation within African American society specifically amongst men aspiring to footsteps leadership within their community. This insurgent generation had evolved since Reconstruction which led to destabilization within heteronormative strongholds within.

Different Worlds of the Nineteenth Century

A research about the differences between the traditional and digital world of the nineteenth century has been undertaken by a group of experts in the field. They have used different tools, such as historical archives, surveys, interviews and simple writing, to get a detailed understanding of how different worlds have interacted. This study has shown that there are huge differences between the traditional and digital world of the 19th century. This study has shown that: 1) There is a huge difference between the traditional and digital world of the 19th century in terms of technology; 2) The traditional world had more analogue equipment than the digital one; 3)Traditional society was more Closed- minded than today's digital society; 4) There were big differences in how people behaved both within and outside of traditional society;.

Theresistible power of work: Mothers and daughters across the United States

A research about a woman who was born in 1916 and raised in a small town in Oregon. When I was young, I always wanted to be like my mom. She was a very hardworking woman and always got things done. My mom tirelessly would go to work every single day, even if it meant she had to leave me behind at home for a couple of hours. When I was older, I began to question why she did everything she did. Maybe it was just because it was what her mom do, but as an adult, I realized that there were so many other choices that could have been made for me had my mother not chosen to work so hard all the time. But even though I know there could have been positive consequences for me if my mother didn't work as hard as she did, the thing that really bothers me is how many more opportunities there areigent parents out there who don't take the time to pressures their children into taking care of themselves. Honestly, it's frustrating because we can all learn so much from our mothers andiamitations and exemplary examples of how we can be successful both inside and outside the workforce.

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