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Digital Narrative Inquiry : The Studies

It is quite difficult to discuss Digital Narrative Inquiry-related research.

How to Write Great Stories to Win

An article about how to write stories. In this article, we will explore different storytelling techniques that can be used to make a persuasive argument or tell a story. Narrative Inquiry methods focus on the creation of meaningful stories thatusers can learn from, remember and share. Everyday, bodyguards Sauda and Kareem were walking the streets of Riyadh when they heard shots fired from an upstairs window. Sauda knew her loved one was safe but didn't know how to tell Kareem that she loved him and wanted to stay with him until it was over.

Digital Narrative Inquiry : The Studies

The Art of the Sword: Stories of Courage in the Digital Age

A study about qualitative research in bioethics investigated the ways in which stories can be used to inform informed decisions about medical treatments and potential surgeries. The researchers used a qualitative approach to survey 254 people who experienced different treatments and surgeries. The interviews were conducted in person, over videoconference, and through a questionnaire. Each patientÂ’s unique experiences were analyzed to get an understanding of how they felt about their experience. accounted for a sizable minority of the stories told by patients, but they were all remarkable in some way, shape or form. Some patients recounted harrowing cases of medical disasters that caused greater physical damage than any other single event. Others recounted stories of courageous individuals who fought back against increasingly aggressive doctors and nurses, even if the outcome was not ideal. In many cases, what happened during the treatment or surgery was only an outline of what the person went through privately; these fragments told vital fragments of their own story that helped outsiders pie it together into a more complete account. Extract from study: Though opinions about various medical treatments can vary drastically based off personal experienceszie with various types of surgeries- enhanced vision needed for bl Army reserves chemical warfare officer bayonet exercise 2003 european defense council meeting Many patients did not feel comfortable discussing specific.

Narrative Inquiry: Journal of Narrative and Life History

A study about storytelling in two cultures. Narrative Inquiry is an Academic Journal published by John Benjamins Publishing Company that covers research on narrative from a literary and cultural perspective. The journal was established in 1991 by Lawrence Erlbaum Associates as the Journal of Narrative and Life History. The journal moved to its present publisher, Benjamins Books, in 1998 when it began to focus on English language studies specifically. Narrative Inquiry publishes research papers that focus on narrative from a wide range of perspectives, including literary, ethnographic, archaeological, and historiographical analyses.

The Effects of Formal English Writing: A Descriptivist Perspective

A study about formal English writing has been undertaken to fill the void in the literature on this topic. The aim of the study was to first explore the trend of formal English writing from a perspective that is descriptivist, which means that it considers writing as an entity with its own unique features and abilities. In our investigation, we compiled a variety of readings, including specifically written examples and surveys from educational contexts. We found that there is a general trend of formal English writing becoming increasinglyhabi- tory-like, with writers utilizing increased esthetic and structural devices to emphasis their lecturing and discussing skills. From our investigations we have come up with six pods.

The Effects of Narrative Inquiry on Educational Settings

A research about the use of narrative inquiry in educational settings has shown that it can help create a better understanding of phenomena. Participants in the study were asked to share their thoughts about an education device, the Flashcards for Inclusion: A way to Create Understanding through Narrative Inquiry. The study found that using narrative inquiry techniques can help educators better understand different student perspectives and feelings about inclusion.

The Effect of Population Growth on the Environments of Urban and Rural Areas

An analysis about the effects of population growth on the environment is currently being conducted by a team at Tamkang University in Taiwan. The study, which is funded by the Japanese government, is designed to explore how population growth may impact not only environments such as water resources and air quality but also food security and human health. In recent years, there has been growing interest in studying how populations may affect the environment. This interest has come about due to a number of factors such as the increasing concern over climate change, the rise in worldpopulation levels, and the impact that global trade has had on local economies. The current study is taking a different tack from others that have been conducted in this area. Instead of examining how certain environmental problems may be exacerbated by population growth, this study is focusing on how Population Growth may also have positive implications for different aspects of the environment. Specifically, our research will explore how population growth may provide opportunities for forests to recover from past deforestation; improve air quality; and create new sources of income for people living near urban areas These findings could lead to interesting implications for policy decisions - for example, if it was determined that reducing carbon emissions or improving air quality were insufficient remedies for climate change then increasing population could be.

Structured Narratives and the Social Worlds They Proclaim

An article about descriptive writing could not omit discussing narratology, a related field of study that looks at the structure and meaning of stories as well as the ways in which they are experienced. Narratology is based on the work of Ferdinand de Man, one of the founders of structuralist poetics. This workfocusst otheffects evident in stories and how readers experience them. To principate,Narratology looks at narrative as a window into our social ontologies (the described objects and elements).

Collaborative Digital Storytelling: How to Create Engaging Narratives That Matter

A review about collaboration in digital storytelling revealed that a cooperation-based structure is necessary for success in the medium. The study found a lack of trust and transparency amongst team members was a major hindrance to the smooth running of a collaborative digital storytelling environment. A collaboration-based structure allows for a more open and sharingBased approach to communication and allows team members to have direct control over their work. This type of structure also allowed for better understanding as well as feedback between team members, which effectively improved collaboration. Collaborative digital storytelling seeks to combine different forms of media into one cohesive experience. These stories often take the form of short videos or texts, which are browseable on websites and social media platforms. The use of multimodal composing provides filmmakers with ways to create stories that are bothNarrativist ( Simpson & Michel, 2003) and Hoping For A Better World ( Herbert, 2006) . Narratives formed through multimodal composing allow for readers and viewers to understand the extent beyond just the story being told by leaving spaces at the end of each text and video that offer furtherudes or ongoing discussions about what has been experienced plus potential solutions or resolutions to lesser issue(s). The incorporation of interactivity also strengthens these.

Narrative Theory and the Interpretation of Stories

A study about narrative theory and how it relates to interpretation is underway at International Society for the Study of Narrative. The journal aims to publishing essays that contribute to both narrative theory and the interpretation of individual stories. The empirical content of the essays will be used in order to better understand how different elements, techniques, structures, and forms influence the way narratives are told. Ultimately, the studies in this journal will contribute to a better understanding of culture and its effect on our lives.

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