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Digital Narrative Therapy : The Studies

Various findings from these studies are related to Digital Narrative Therapy.

Thepering of Stories: How They Can Benefit You

A paper about storytelling in three groups of people A study about storytellingg in threegroups ofpersons showed that in some cases, having stories piped into one's head from long ago was a beneficent experience. While others found the experience to be troublesome and overwhelming. Interestingly, all three groups reported positive experiences with helping others make their own narratives more meaningful. So, even if you're not a huge fan of stories or want nothing to do with them, it would be wise to at least CONSIDER trying out the art of storytelling for a change!

Digital Narrative Therapy : The Studies

Mental Health Counselling in a Digital World

A journal about digital narrative counselling offers students a communication medium that is natural in today's world. By using this medium, counsellors can get to the root of a student's issues in a way that is highly motivational. Digital narrative counselling also meets a fundamental human need- to tell one's story.

The POWER DYNAMICS of Digital Therapy: How Technology Can Improve the Quality of Care

A study about professional heads of Digital Therapy Journals shows that they often have interesting themes and methods in their work. Representatives of these journals often worry about the power dynamics involved in mental health care, with one person's needs always taking precedence over another person's. They believe that through the use of computers and digital tools, therapy teams can more effectively and effectively provide therapy for patients.

The Effects of Narrative Therapy on Community Workers

A study about the effects of narrative therapy on community workers revealed that the therapy caused changes in how these workers approached their work and relationship to their communities. In particular, narrative therapy helped supercharge the workers' sense of personal power and control over their lives and their communities. The therapists found that this change was most pronounced in groups where the workers felt they could give freely and shared openly with one another.

The Relationship of Parenting and Creative Expression in Children

A study about how in-depth conversations between parents and their children affect the development of innovation and creativity in their children was recently reported. The study stated that with deep one-on-one conversations, mothers were found to have a stronger sense of ownership of their children, which in turn increased the motivation for their children to pursue creative endeavors. Furthermore, the study also showed that when parents had a strong connection with their child, they were more likely to be able to give meaningful feedback without putting pressure on them. thus increasing the likelihood of creative expression by their children.

Narrative Therapy for Depression: A Review

A review about the use of narrative therapy in the treatment of depression found that it is a useful approach that allows the person to ‘re-author’ his/her life stories by focusing on positive interpretations. The purpose of this study was to look at how narrative therapy may be effective for people with depression.ourney's landscape, his subjectivity and the meaning that he attributed to all of it were central themes throughout much of his work. Narrative therapy seems like a good approach for people with depression because it allows them to ‘re-author’ their life stories by focusing on positive emotions. This focus on positive emotions helps the person become more self-disciplined and makes him/her more able to live a contented and fulfilled life.

Narrative Therapy for Post-Traumatic Grief: An Important Practitioner's Guide

An article about narrative therapy led by Micki Bream found that it was effective in helping clients change their non-verbal communication skills. Subjects who were enrolled in the program often reported tangible changes in how they interacted with their loved ones, and even began to develop a more positive outlook on themselves. The powerful anti-venom found in narrative therapy is what contributed to these drastic changes, and it should be noted that this venom can also be used safely without any harmful side effects. Narrative therapy has been shown to be incredibly effective at helping people change their nonverbal communication skills. Subjects who are enrolled in the program often report tangible changes in how they interact with their loved ones, and even begin to develop a more positive outlook on themselves. Surprisingly, the powerful anti-venom found within narrative therapy is what has contributed most to these dramatic changes - which should be taken into account when choosing whether or not this type of treatment is right for you.

Couple Therapy Mediates the effectiveness of stress and anxiety therapies

A study about the effectiveness of couple therapy on stress and anxiety showed that the therapy was more effective for people who felt stressed than for those who did not. The results suggested that by working on improving communication and relationship skills, therapists were able to managepatrick's stress better. Additionally, the study found that any type of couples therapy was beneficial for people with anxiety disorders.

Narrative Therapy vs. Marital Counseling for Low Marital Satisfaction: A Meta-analysis

An evaluation about women with low marital satisfaction (LMS) found that narrative therapy was more effective than marital counseling in the alleviation of these problems. The women in the study were randomly assigned to one of three groups: semi-mt, brisk MT, or narrative-based MT. The Semi-mt group received semi-structured Narrative Therapy weekly for 16 weeks. The brisk MT group received brisk individual counseling Sessions every other week for 16 weeks. The narrative-basedMT group received a single, journal-based session per week for 16 weeks. All groups completed a posttest at the end of the study. Aftermath of the treatment was analyzed to see if communication was improved between the women and their husbands during the treatment period. A statistically significant decrease were noted when comparingawomen inailingthe semi-mt, brisk MT, and narrative-basedMT groups when it came to communication issues; husbands showed no change in their communication patterns either. These results suggest that Narrative Therapy may be an effective way to alleviate low marital satisfaction among women who are experiencing it.

Therapeutic Narratives: A New Approach to Stress Management

A study about narrative therapy has found that it can be an effective method for relieving stress and improving mood. The therapists employed in the treatment model believe that by focusing on the individual’s personal experiences, they can understand the individual’s Problems and solutions before addressing them head-on. The approach is designed to help the person cope with their emotions in a positive manner and has been found to be especially helpful for those seeking unsuccessfully to change their appearance or relationship.

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