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Digital Narrative Tools : The Studies

We found that these studies about Digital Narrative Tools are good for getting more information.

A User's journey through ELT – 2. Digital Narrative

A paper about Author’s experiences in the field of technology for ELT - 2. Digital Narrative showed how digital stories can be used to advantage speakers and entertain viewers. Journal writer had the opportunity to use creative software to create a storyboard with photos and videos as its elements. The particular content of this story is a recollection of an author’s time spent in the field of technology for ELT – 2. Digital Narrative, specifically during the first quarter of 2019. In this project, I focused on creating a storyboard that would be used as a basis for filmaking in the future. The goal was to rehearse my narrative in different ways before filming an episode or segment specific to my work as an ELT trainer/instructor. The selection and composition of images within this storyboard were accordingly determined byan incident or event that occurred during my professional experience with ELT – 2. Digital Narrative training; specifically during my first quarter of 2019.

Digital Narrative Tools : The Studies

New Technologies Propelling Historical Reporting

A study about contemporary narrative journalism revealed that, without a doubt, the medium has greatly benefited from new technological advancements. Analyses of historical examples reveals how digital technologies have made it possible for reporters to be more concise and efficient in their stories, as well as penetrate into difficult or sensitive areas that were once impossible. In particular, advancement in mobile technology has really helped facilitate reporting from remote sources. This newly available information does not only allow reporters to communicate with audiences more comfortably, but also makes it possible for them to get close up images and videos of those who are relevant to their stories.

The Impact of Digital Storytelling on EFL Writers' Skills

A study about how a Digital Storytelling Methodology influenced English as a foreign language (EFL) learners' writing skills. Analyzing the impact of a digital storytelling methodology on EFL learners' writing skills, this study found that the processing and organization of information was improved when using DS-integrated methodologies. In particular, the DS method used narrative forms to engage students more than traditional discipline methods. Consequently, learners were able to develop professional writing skills that surpassed those achieved with traditional methods.

Digital Playgrounds: How They Can Benefit Your Child

An evaluation about digital kids shows that they enjoy and rely on memorable dialogue in order to understand unfamiliar situations. through the medium of digital games, they are able to engagement with content and experts while remaining submerged within the larger context of their environment. By using digital tools- such as games, text messaging, social networking sites- kids can engage in informal conversations with others on a range of topics. What this study discovered is that it is important for parents to breastfeed their children and screen them for negative effects early on in their lives in order for them to develop natural critical thinking skills. Furthermore, platforms like Facebook and MySpace should be used more responsibly by parents who want to keep their children safe online and indulge them into appropriate activities.

Narrative Research in Research Journals

A research about the journal, Narrative, dedicated to narrative theory and the interpretation of individual texts. Narrative is a journal that publishes essays that contribute to both narrative theory and the interpretation of individual texts. Within those parameters, the journal is open to work on the elements, techniques, structures, and forms of as well as on its relations to other modes of discourse.

The Role of Digital Stories in clinical Decision-making

A journal about Narrative Pedagogy used digital stories in order to enhance students clinical thinking strategies. The study found that the use of digital stories helped students to better understand factors related to clinical decisions.

“The Power of Interactive Narratives to Convince Voters”

A paper about the processes and outcomes of user-directed stories showed that the interactive narratives were more persuasive than the traditional storytelling style. The interactive narratives allowed readers to determine the direction of the plot at key decision points, which showed a difference in persuasive power. The traditional storytelling style was less persuasive because it left unanswered questions about the psychological processes evoked by these “Choose Your Own Adventure” style stories.

The Uses of Digital Narratives to Enhance Counseling and Psychotherapy

An analysis about the use of digital narratives to enhance counseling and psychotherapy started by the author has emerged that outlines how the traditional memory book has been gradually replaced with more advanced technology in fields such as counseling and psychotherapy. according to this study, the traditional memory book is no longer enough for people in these industries due to its weaknesses inFORMING MEMORY SUPPORT FOR COLLATERAL HEALTH PROBLEMS. Rather, they need a more custom-made memory book that can be customized according to the needs of each person. The traditional memory book is not only limited in its abilities when it comes to helping people with cardiovascular health problems, but it can also be difficult for therapists to keep up with the latest technological advancements.

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