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Digital Nudging Examples : The Studies

Few Digital Nudging Examples studies with intriguing findings were discovered.

Nudging for Positive Changes

A study about digital nudging showed that it does not have undesired side effects and successful implementations have been reported.

Digital Nudging Examples : The Studies

Nudge Your Customers Towards Compatible Digital Products

A study about how nudges can be effective in preventing purchase of incompatible digital products revealed that the most effective way to do so is by way of warnings and deterrents to customers. warned customers about potential dangers that could come from not using the product and also made it clear that there was no guarantee that the product would function properly.

Digital Nudge or Use To Reduce Disaster Response Time

A study about digital nudging in social media disaster communication has shown that the approach can be promising. The study found that using digital nudging to provide relevant and engaging content can help to reduce disaster responses time and make them more customer friendly.

New Data Nudging in the Digital Big Data Era: Some surprising Findings

A study about the role of data nudging in the digital big data era has been conducted by Julia M. Puaschunder, a quantitative economist at the New School Department of Economics and a Schwartz Center for Economic Policy Analysis research fellow. The study found that using nudging tools can help explain some bigswitch phenomena in the economy, such as why wages are depressed in some countries and why economic growth is slow in others. In addition, the study found that data nudging can lead to surprising changes in social behavior due to the appearance of new information. Overall, puaschunder’s study provides an important and original perspective on how data nudging can be used to improve policy making in the digital big data era.

Nudging: How to Get the Most Out of your Employee

A study about nudging showed that by using “nudge” technique, managers can encourage employees to take proactive decisions in their own behalf.By bypassing employees’ automatic biases, nudge can encourage employees to make the best decisions for the organization. The study found that using nudges can change employees’ behaviours within minutes of being introduced to them, making it an effective way to get desired results.

Consumer Nudging and Its Effects on Sustainable Consumption

A study about consumer decision making and digital nudging has shown that people may be nudged in a number of different ways to make them more effective consumers. Dennis Hummel from the Centre for Information Systems and Marketing at theKarlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany, has shown that by using consumer decision models, digital nudging can be used to change consumer behavior. This can then lead to more efficient consumption.

A New Method to Nudge People

A study about nudging found that both types of nudges work wonders in causing the desired outcome, but that mindfulness is better at frustrating or blocking risky behavior while mindless nudges are known to lead to less risky behavior. The study used two different methods: having participants read a story about a risk-taking behavior and then asking them to think about how they mightNudge theirselves in a particular direction; and having participants complete annoying online tasks such as filling out a survey and clicks reporting on their feelings about stress levels. The results of the study showed that both forms of nudging had some effectiveness when it came to changing people's choices, but that mindfulness caused more risky behavior than mindless prompts. This was likely due to the willful blindness associated with mindless nudges, which often make it difficult for people to identify when they might be trying to harm themselves. On the other hand, the presence of a mindful reminder increased risky behavior by 10%. This resulted in people taking steps to mitigate or avoid risky behaviors before they happened.


A journal about nudge methods in the field of health has been recently conducted. The study found that many nudge techniques are effective in improving health outcomes. Nudging has been used successfully in areas such as weight loss, adherence to chronic diseases, mother-child transmission, and developing new approaches to HIV prevention.

Nudging in Public Health interventions: A Review

A study about nudging in public health interventions was conducted to explore whether techniques in public health lifestyle interventions are effective. The research found that there is a lack of clarity as to what constitutes a nudge and whether techniques in public health lifestyle interventions are effective. Therefore, the research question remaining is whether nudging can produce health-promoting behavior changes in individuals.

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