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Digital Rectal Examination Constipation : The Studies

These studies demonstrate a variety of Digital Rectal Examination Constipation-related results.

A Random Rectal Examination for Ectopic Poos in Pediatric GI Clinics

A journal about the frequency of rectal examination in pediatric GI clinic for constipation, encopresis, and/or rectal bleeding was conducted. It showed that the random rectal examination is the only direct examination which can assess constipation and its complications.

Digital Rectal Examination Constipation : The Studies

Digital Rectal Examination: A Useful Tool for the Diagnosis of Musculoskeletal Pain

A study about the diagnostic value of digital rectal examination (DRE) in patients with musculoskeletal pain suggests that DRE can be a valuable tool to detect subsequent medical problems, such as pyelonephritis or bowel perforation. Overall, the study found that DRE had a high sensitivity and specificity for the diagnosis of pyelonephritis, and was also able to detect bowel perforation in 84% of cases. Additionally, the study found that DRE was also helpful in detecting an anorectal mass in 24% of cases and 11% of cases of rectal bleeding.

Digital Rectal Examination: A Mandatory Test for Suspected Impaction

A review about digital rectal examination (DRE) is lacking clear consensus on what constitutes an impaction. A lack of agreement is apparent on what constitutes an impaction, whichapexiality to determine if digital rectal examination (DRE) is mandatory in the presence of certain suspicious findings.

The Accuracy of Digital Rectal Examinations in Constipated and Incontinent Patients

A study about the diagnostic value of digital rectal examinations (DRE) in patients with chronic constipation and fecal incontinence was conducted. The study found that the Edexcel Eighth Standard Digital Rectal Examination was more accurate than high-resolution anorectal manometry in classifying patients as having constipation or incontinence.

Digital Anal exams: A New Frontier in Public Health

A journal about anal searches from a public health perspective has shown that the use of digital anal exams as a form of rectal examinations can be usefulness in probing for potential health problems in the population. As a result, more physicians may be more likely to performdigital anal exams when it is necessary to determine if there is a need for medical care.

The Role of Digital Rectal Examination Scores in Anorectal Manometry Pressure

An evaluation about the correlation between the digital rectal examination scoring system and anorectal manometry pressures was conducted. Three hundred three patients (mean age, 51 y; range, 28–86 y) who had a DRESS score and a computed Prediction Manometer pressure were analyzed. The Kruskal-Wallis test was used to compare the mean levels of pressure and squeeze pressure in these patients. The study found that the difference in pressure between patients with a high and low DRESS score was significant (P < .001).

data on DRE in prostate cancer Screening

A study about the value of digital rectal examination as a screen test for prostate cancer was conducted. DRE was found to be a helpful screening test for prostate cancer and its value can be judged in several ways: byConsidering DRE as a standalone test, by looking at its incremental value, and by considering its value in conjunction with PSA values of 0-3.9 ng/mL and .

DRE Use in Patients with Acute Abdominal Pain: A Randomized Controlled Trial

A study about the effectiveness of digital rectal examination in patients presenting with acute abdomen reveals that it is an effective tool for Comprehensive Assessment and Termination of Life Support (CALT) in these patients. The authors report that the majority of patients who present with acute abdomen who are capable of discussing symptoms, received a DRE.

The Effect of Constipation on health

A study about the causes of constipation has shown that there are many different reasons why people may develop constipation. There are many things you can do to straighten out your bowels, including drinking plenty of water and eating healthy foods. even if you have no problem with loose stool, it may be helpful to see a doctor if your stool is Constipation can be a common problem in adults, particularly in people over the age of 30, but it can also occur in children and adolescents. There are several different causes for constipation, including: normal flora and structure of the gut (such as by eating fiber-rich foods),umbles sensations in the rectum or anus due to Invalid input from volunteer.

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