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Digital Resources for Learning : The Studies

Well see studies on various subtopics related to Digital Resources for Learning this time.

The Negative Emotions following Grief: How They Affect an Individual

An article about the effects of grief finds that while proximal emotions such as sorrow, joy and happiness are commonly experienced following a death, less commonly stated negative emotions such as anger, guilt and sadness are also common. These negative emotions can have lasting and debilitating effects on an individual's mood and well-being.

Digital Resources for Learning : The Studies

Technology in Classrooms: Effective Strategies for Improved Teaching

A study about the impact of technology on classrooms has shown that use of technology can help improve teaching practices and curriculums. This study was conducted by a research organization and found that using technology in classrooms can provide opportunities for teaching strategies, problem-solving skills, and environmental exhibits that can encourage creativity and essential thinking.

The Grieving Children's Process: Tools for Homeschoolers

An analysis about a grief-torn family experienced through journals and writing. Growing through Grief by Jane Appel, PhD also includes writing exercises to help children growth and understand their grieving process. These hacks are perfect for homeschoolers as well, who may find other resources helpful. The book is well-edited, detailed, organized, stressing staying positive and interconnected with loved ones during these difficult times.

How Vu Students Use the Internet to Improve Their Learning

A paper about poor Vu students' experiences on the internet has shown that many students need more than the convenience of online learning and more than an online collection of content, activities, assignments, and assessments. The study found that many Vu students are uncomfortable with the rigorous coursework and find it difficult to complete all the assigned multiple-choice tests. Additionally, some Vu students feel that they are not able to advance in their studies because of the various resources they access while on the internet.

The Relationship of Digital Learning and Leadership

A study about the relationship between digital learning and leadership found that those with better digital skills are more likely to be successful in leadership positions. The study used a cohort of students who graduated from college with a degree in a subject area related to leadership, such as computer science, business, or political science. The participants were surveyed after they had retiree in positions that required a great deal of knowledge and experience relevant to leadership. A significant percentage of the participants (47%) said they would not have been able to hold their current position if it wasn't for their skill in digital media.

Wisconsin's Early Literacy Curriculum: A Success Story

A study about digital early literacy techniques in Wisconsin's Madison Metropolitan School District found that in teacher classrooms, the K-5 Early Literacy Curriculum was used to teach children aged 4-7 years a degree of English fluency. The study also found that 21% of students were able to read at grade level on their own; however, 54% required assistance in order to pass the California standard.

How Technology Can Help Educators Learn More Aboutultural and Academic Backgrounds

An article about the ways technology can be used to help educators learn more about student's cultural and academic background. This applies especially in the field of e-learning where technology has become an integral part of the educational landscape. By looking at how different disciplines have approached the study of e-learning, professors can better understand how students learn and what benefits they may gain from using digital media in their instruction.

Digital Learning Journals: A Tool for reflection, research and development

A review about learning journal: use a learning journal as a way for secondary school students to document their digital learning journey. It can be used as a tool for reflection, research and development. The journal can also be used to stores material such as videos, articles and slideshows related to the digital learning process. Additionally, the use of a learning journal can help students learn further about specific topics and strategies they may be working on in their educational setting.

How Wireless Audio and Video Connection Impacts Driver Safety

A review about myself I did last month revealed thatconfiguration of my thoughts and emotionswas lack of control over vehicle situation onroad. Reflecting about this experience further confirmed that I amwireless audio & video connection is essential when driver needs totalk to passenger in car.The article below can help me understand how this works and how itcould impactdriver safety. My experience reveals that using a wireless audio & video connection while driving is especiallynecessary when the driver and passenger are talking through a headset. Thisfeature allows the passenger to hear the driver's instructions and thoughts evenif they are in another part of the vehicle. Unfortunately, because of this feature, some drivers have complainedthat their passengers seem too engaged in conversation to be attentive tothe driving process.

The Effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on Post- Celexa South Africa Students

A study about the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on post- Celexa South Africa students has shown that there is a significant digital divide. This is because many people who were able to receive and use internet had to do so in order to look for information about the pandemic and find ways to prevent it from spreading. The study found that there was a significant increase in online bullying, online cyberbullying, and social media use among students post-Covid-19.

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