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Freelance Work Life Balance : The Studies

Finding some solid Freelance Work Life Balance-related studies? They are shown below.

A New Frontier in Work-Life Balance: The Role of Family and Friends

An analysis about the main benefits and challenges of having a work-life balance in a professional career was conducted. The study found that the benefits of having a work-life balance include the satisfaction of individual goals, improved work efficiency, and increased job satisfaction. However, there are also some challenges associated with having a work-life balance in a professional career. For example, it can be difficult to maintain effective communication with family and friends when working long hours. Additionally, some individuals may feel overwhelmed by the number of variables that affect their careers and their lives outside of work.

Freelance Work Life Balance : The Studies

The Advantages of a Balance Work/Life Schedule

An article about work-life balance has shown that it is important to have some balance in one's life to maintain physical, emotional, and spiritual health. This is done by having work done at home as well as at the job. The study found that having a balanced work/life schedule allows for more freedom in living, allowing for more time to spend with friends and family as well as improving . Work/life balance is important because it allows people to have their own lives outside of work. It helps people feel healthier mentally and emotionally since they can focus on their work while still enjoying their personal life. People who have a balanced work/life schedule feel more productive and are less likely to suffer from stress or anxiety.

american work/life balance: A stakeholders' perspective

A study about work-life balance in the United States has shown that leaders and managers are awareness of the issue, but less effective in addressing the issue. Nearly one-third of executives rated work-life balance among their top five priorities, but fewer than one in 10 thought they were dealing with it effectively. Leaders and managers know that engaged employees are more productive and that it’s critical for professionals to arrive at work with a good work/life balance.

The Clock You Keep: The Surprisingly Wide Range of Work/Life Balance You Can Achieve

A journal about the work/life balance found that many people find it very difficult to find a balance in their life. The framework of work/life balance is to be clear on who you are, your values, and what makes sense in your scope of a balanced life. Once you’ve embraced your clarity, it’s possible to feel deep and permanent satisfaction in your soul. Many people are unhappy in their / mostly because they don’t set boundaries and don’t .

The Role of Work Life Balance in an organisation

A study about the concept of work life balance is important as it facilitates organisation and improves performance. Individuals in an organisation perceive it as a sense of well-being and increased efficiency. In order to achieve this, organisations must have a system in place that ensures that everyone is able to enjoy their work.

The Work-Life Balance Strategy zeitgeist

An inquiry about sustainable work force found that many organizations have strategies to promote work-life balance in the workplace. The study found that there are different ways to promote wellbeing, and many studies recommend creating a work-life balance plan. In addition, many organizations have policies surrounding parental leave and employee retention.

Work-lifeBalance and Worker Productivity

An article about the effect of work-life balance on workers' productivity has been carried out. All three dimensions of work life quality - satisfaction, engagement, and support - were influential in the productivity dimension of a work-life balance. Skill deployment was also influenced by these dimensions. It was found that having a well-developed work-life balance increased worker productivity by around 20%. While having a lack of work-life balance led to decreased worker productivity by 2% to 3%.

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