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Freelance Work Stress : The Studies

Here are some excellent Freelance Work Stress studies that are still relevant today.

The Benefits and drawbacks of Keeping a Work Journal

A review about the benefits and drawbacks of keeping a work journal can help one to better understand why it is important for professionals to keep track of their progress and to moreover, customize their diary/journal to reflect their personal style. Journaling has been shown to provide a number of advantages over professional paper writing, such as providing relaxed writing space, providing thoughts on the day's events, and helping players learn from experience. However, there are some drawbacks as well. First, working in a Â….

Freelance Work Stress : The Studies

Stress in the Workplace: The Role of cortisol Levels

An evaluation about people's psychological, behavioural and health consequences of working in a stressful environment has become a natural home for research on the work-family interface, social relations at work, and indeed many other topics. This study endeavours to answer questions about how people's psychological well-being is affected by their imbibing of stressors in their workplace. The research indicates that cortisol levels are typically highest when people are working long hours or sat in offensive workspaces.

The Effect of Stress on Mental Health: A Review

A paper about stress in the workplace has shown that it can seriously affect individualsÂ’ mental health, well-being, and productivity. There are many ways to manage stress in the workplace, but some people find self-care more effective than others. In particular, some people find writing down their feelings helpful when they are experiencing a stress attack.

Journaling andstress management: The benefits of diary use

A study about stress relief found that three-quarters of people said having a journal as part of their stress management technique reduced the levels of cortisol in their bloodstream. The study found that people who used journals to manage stress reported feeling more equipped and able to deal with difficult emotions. The diary improved the ability to identify and process negative emotions, which taught participants how to better manage their stress andBSS (blood sugar level).

Work Stress and Coronary Heart Disease: The Role of Genetic Factors

A study about work stress and employee health found that the risk of coronary heart disease increases when work stress is high. The study looked at prospective cohort studies, and found that the risk increased in those whose job involve high levels of stress.

The Relationship of Work-Related Stress and Burnout with Ethnicity in Nigerian Nurses

A journal about work-related stress and burnout symptoms among nurses in Nigeria found that a disproportionately high percentage of participants experienced work- related stress, burnout, and related social Issues. Burnout symptoms were significantly associated with lower levels of education, Ever having worked outside of the home as a child, Female sex, and Black ethnicity. paint an overall picture of the study The study found that a disproportionately high percentage of participants experienced work-related stress, burnout, and social Issues. Work-related stress was significantly associated with lower levels of education, Ever having worked outside of the home as a child, Female sex, and Black ethnicity. However, other sociodemographic factors such asburnout symptoms were not independently disruptive to workers' quality of life.

Work Stress and Health

A study about employee health showed that work stressors (such as long hours, low pay, little leave, etc) can cause health problems. The study showed that employees who had high levels of work stress were more likely to experience negative health effects than those who didn't have high levels of work stress.

The Unexpected Benefits of a Normal Work Schedule

A study about stress in publication-oriented journals found that their usage and acceptance rates both remained high for a full calendar year even as their citation metrics decreased. The study found that despite journal focusing on a narrower range of topics and brimming with drivel, the data suggest that there is little need for further concern about the undue workload being put on authors.

7 ways to make your writing interesting

An article about how strengths of journal articles can be used in succession to advise writing Beginningwriters will often remember the most important thing is to make the writing interesting. There are many Writer's Associations (WA) throughout the world and their professional members can provide valuable tips for aspiring writers. There are specific elements that must be included when drafting a paper in order to maintain its quality; one major strength of journal articles is that they are easy for readers/clients to follow as well as for writers to build upon. structural features of journals Unlimitedescapes, lack of copyright Infringementprotection writers often face payouts frompublishers if they write about unpublished manuscripts without permission; however, these problems may be quickly resolved through customary publishing processes e.g., accepting revisions and changes offered.

The Effects of Work and Stress on Religious Attitudes and Behaviours

A paper about the effect of work and stress on workers' attitudes and behavior has been conducted by researchers at The University of California, Davis. The study found that people who have high levels of work and stress often have negative Bible-related attitudes, feelings about themselves, and behaviors. These negative responses aretailored to the type of work that the individual is doing. Those working in jobs characterized as stressful frequently display negative Bible beliefs as well.

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