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Online Behavioral Advertising Facebook : The Studies

These studies shows various results about Online Behavioral Advertising Facebook.

Online Behavioral Advertising: The Potential for Positive Results

An article about online behavioral advertising found that it can be beneficial for businesses in terms of increased profits, increased brand awareness and increased reach. Online behavioral advertising may be better understood as a way to target specific individuals because it is implemented through personal blogs or websites. Through the implementation of this type of advertising, businesses can learn what works well for their brand, what interactions are most important to retain customers and how to lure new ones. The study also found that there is still much unknown about online behavioral advertising. In particular, researchers are not sure how effective different types of advertising are and how long it will take for online Behavioral Advertising to become more commonplace in the marketplace.

Online Behavioral Advertising Facebook : The Studies

Preventing Behavioral Advertising Avoidance: Some People Have Security Concerns

An analysis about online behavioral advertising avoidance revealed that there are several influential reasons why people may choose to ignore online behavioral advertising. One reason is that the ads may be annoying or deceptive. Another reason is that the ads may be highly exaggerated or manipulative. However, the study also found that some people have security concerns aboutthird-party tracking and other online Behavioral Advertising practices.

The Impact of Newspaper Advertising on Facebook User and Paper Reader Numbers

An article about the impact of newspaper advertising on sales showed that it leads to a decrease in Facebook users and an increase in the number of paper readers. This study found that for companies looking to reach their target market, time-involved advertising campaigns on social media platforms is the most viable way to do so.

Behavioral Targeting and Online Ads

A study about how an advertiser's focus on behaviorally targeted ads affects response rates suggested that these ads were more effective in increasing response rates than those without such targeting (Beales 2010; Yan et al. 2009). Furthermore, it is important to understand the effect thatbehavioral targeting has on online ads because it has become increasingly common and effective in enhancing response rates.

The Effect of Emotional Advertising on ConsumerBehavior

A journal about targetMentalmoil in advertising revealed that almost any form of advertising **including contextual (= Emotional) Advertising** can work to quite effectively manipulate consumer behavior. This study was conducted by theBehavioral Targeting and Contextual Advertising working group, part of the TM Group. The group looked at nine campaigns run by American Airlines, looking at three types of emotional ads: positive/supportive adjectives, laughter/funny words, and sad words. across all platforms these ads worked equally well – they led to an increased purchase intention (but notlus markedly different results when targetMentalmoil was controlled for). This finding is significant because it provides clear evidence that emotional billboards can be extremely effective ingether with other marketing devices to targets consumers’ mental well-being.**.

The Results of Punishment on Crime in Juveniles

An analysis about the effects of punishment on juveniles found that it can have an especially harmful and negative effect on the criminogenic behavior of these offenders. The offenders who received harsher punishment were more likely to have delinquentActivity and substance abuse in incarcerated adults: Findings from a national study Release …. Journal of Behavioral Public Administration - JBPA - Home. Feb 26, 2018 · February 26, 2018 ·. Published by Wiley Periodicals, Inc., a Wiley Affiliate. DOI: 10.1002/cbpa.21055 A study about the effects of punishment on juveniles found that it can have an especially harmful and negative effect on the criminogenic behavior of these offenders.

Facebook Advertising – the real reason for the increase

A research about Facebook's Beacon system has revealed that the increase in facebook Advertising is motivated by revenue. The study also revealed that people have an increasing dislike for being tracked by Facebook. In November 2007, a group called “Petition: Stop Invading My Privacy!” was formed to express these feelings. This protest resulted in the deletion of over 70,000facebook Ads from the Facebook website.

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