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Online Buying Behavior Of Consumer : The Studies

These Online Buying Behavior Of Consumer studies, according to our research, make excellent supplementary materials.

The Dark and Bright Side of Online Consumer Behavior

A journal about the dark and bright side of online consumer behaviour has revealed that there are some highly negative consequences that attend hazardous online activities. One outcome is that individuals, groups, and businesses can find themselves in legal trouble if they are found to be breaking the law through engaging in oppressive and harmful practices on the internet. illicit actions such as sexual solicitation or harassment can also have serious consequences for both the individual involved and anyone around them. Additionally, violating contractual agreements or data rights can lead to compensatory or punitive damages being awarded against those involved.

Online Buying Behavior Of Consumer : The Studies

The Role of Environmental Influence in Consumer Selection

An inquiry about the buying behavior of consumers has been conducted by ICFAI in order to garner insights on how the general public chooses their products. The study has revealed that a large majority of consumers are influenced by the environment in which they live and work. Furthermore, eco-friendly products tend to be selected more often than traditional or unsustainably produced products.

The Role of Online Shopping in Consumer Buying Behaviour

A paper about the impact of online shopping on consumer buying behaviour has shown that there is a significant positive linear relationship between perceived risks of online shopping and online consumer buying behaviour. This study showed that when consumers perceive more risks associated with online shopping, they are more likely to buy products that @www.iarc.org/en/about-the-arc/report-5008 shall not posed a health or safety risk to their own or others.

Online shoppers in Bangladesh Prefer Perennial Brands

An evaluation about consumersÂ’ buying behaviour towards ecommerce in Bangladesh shows that the majority of users seem to be very satisfied with the choices they have made so far. They usually prefer to buy items from reputable,psey-owned websites.

Bangladeshi Consumers Look to Electronic Components Vendors for Online Shopping

A paper about consumer buying behavior at a selected online shopping site in Dhaka, Bangladesh has revealed that people are very interested in purchasing electronic items from the site. The study found that 63% of people said they would purchase an electronic product from the site if it were available, equivalent to 2 out of 3 shoppers. In addition, nearly half of those surveyed (45%) said they would prefer to shop at a site where they could order items directly from vendors rather than browse through a selection of products.

The Curse of the Online Shopper

A study about online consumer behavior has been conducted. The study found that online consumers are generally more dissatisfied than traditional consumers. They are more likely to use browser add-ons and search beyond the house source for information about products. They also feel that they have less control over the product they purchase and prefer to communicate with the retailer directly.

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