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Online Buying Behavior Questionnaire : The Studies

These studies demonstrate a variety of Online Buying Behavior Questionnaire-related results.

Bowndo online: A Status report on theBehavior of Bangladeshi Customers

An evaluation about consumer behavior in Bangladesh revealed that most people order online and thus save time and access a wider range of services and products. The vast majority of customers seem to be satisfied with their purchase.

Online Buying Behavior Questionnaire : The Studies

The Natal Stage of Consumers' Decision-making

An analysis about buying behavior showed that there is a different stage-natal stage- in consumers' Buy behavior. Natal stage describes the need for identification, information search, evaluation of alternatives, and then buying and post purchase evaluation. Additionally, the attitude formation, intention and adoption stages are distinguishable in consumers. The natal stage is characterized by a need for identification which may lead to exploration of the product or service looking for its qualities and possible benefits. purchases may also be influenced by this need since it can make buyers feel comfortable with making a purchase. The first step in creating a buying decision is Identification. Identification can be done through personal consultations or visits to shops where the product being considered is available or being offered for sale. Once there, customers will likely review competitor products as well as prices before making a final decision. The second phase of our purchasing process, Information Searching takes place when it comes time to decide on which product to buy. Customers will criterion through features and benefits to decide whether or not this product is right for them. This phase can be time consuming as customers must look at multiple items in order to find what they are looking for without any inundation of information; however, it can also result in successful decisions.

Online Shopping in Bangladesh: A New Frontier

A study about consumer's buying behaviour towards e-commerce Sites in Bangladesh has been conducted. The study found that the consumer is generally interested in buying items from online shopping sites in Bangladesh. However, the consumer is also willing to try out different websites before making a purchase.

Online Shopping Behavior in the Philippines: The Role of reviews and testimonials

An analysis about how product reviews, testimonials, and online reviews might impact online buying behavior has been undertaken by the University of the Philippines System in Filipino. The research study was found to have a positive effect on the students’ Online Buying Behavior towards Clothing assortment when it comes to finding good deals on clothing.

Online Shopping Behaviour from Those Who are Easily swayed

An article about impulse buying behavior on online shopping websites revealed that a high percentage of shoppers consist of those who are easily swayed by affordability and the need to buy something immediately. Out of individual shoppers, those with a low income were more likely to succumb to this impulse buying power, as the cost of consumers’ decisions became more important than considerations foringham.

The Influence of Online Consumer Behaviour on Inflated Prices of Products

An evaluation about consumer online buying behaviour was conducted by administering questionnaires to 200 students from University Utara Malaysia (UUM). The study found that correlations between consumer online behavioural and factors such as satisfaction level, purchase quantity, and method of purchase influenced intake. Satisfaction levels along with purchase quantity and method of purchase predicted intake;thus, it can be said that consumers' online buying behaviour is influenced by these factors.

The Role of Social Shopping in the Resilience of Online Shopping

An article about impulsive online buying behavior, moderated by scarcity and serendipity information, has been conducted. The study found that social shopping, adventure shopping, value shopping, relaxation shopping, and idea shopping had an effect on the behavior. Social Shopping was found to be the most influential factor in the behavior. Adventure Shopping had a negativeffect on the behavior while value shopping mattered most. Relaxation Shopping had no significanteffect on the behavior. Idea Shoppers were more likely to buy things when they got ideas from others instead of finding out about them through talking to people.

The impact of online shopping on consumer buying behaviour: a regression analysis

A study about the impact of online shopping on consumer buying behaviour was conducted. The study found that there was a significant linear relationship between perceived risks of online shopping and customer buying behaviour at 5% level of significance. The regression analysis indicated that these factors had a significant positive impact on consumer buying behaviour.

Online Shopping in Malaysia: Factors Influencing Buyers

A journal about online buying behavior in Malaysia found that there are several factors that influence buyers' decision-making when it comes to buying products online. One factor is the individual's general interest in the product. buyers who are Budget-minded tend to choose products with a lower price, as they want to save money. However, other factors include the product's features and how it would independently meet their needs. Some buyers also pay more attention to variety when shopping for online items.

The Psychological Factors That Influence Consumer Behavior during COVID

An article about the psychological factors that influence consumer behavior during COVID was conducted. The study found that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on people’s spending levels. As a result, the study found that people have changed their behavior in order to save money.

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