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Online Buying Behaviour Of Consumers : The Studies

Getting hold of some solid Online Buying Behaviour Of Consumers-relevant studies? Here they are.

The Affect of COVID-19 on Consumer Behavior

An inquiry about the affect of COVID-19 on consumer behavior was conducted by Goolsbee and Syverson. They looked at how consumers’ online shopping behaviors and intentions changed after the pandemic. They found that anxiety around the pandemic had an effect on consumers’ online buying experiences.

Online Buying Behaviour Of Consumers : The Studies

Online Shopping and Consumer Behaviour: A Review

A review about the affects of online shopping on consumer buying behaviour has been conducted by Jumia, an Indian mobile phone company. The study has found that consumers have perceptions which affect their behavioour and their choices when it comes to shopping. Additionally, the study has found that the risks associated with shopping have influenced consumers' choices in the past.

The Study of Bangladeshi Consumers' Purchase Behavior towards Ecommerce in Bangladesh

A paper about the consumer's buying behaviour towards e-commerce in Bangladesh found that the majority of buyers purchase products from online stores. The study followed a mixed-method approach where the questionnaire was taken from consumers and the interview was conducted with store managers. The results showed that most buyers purchase products from online stores in Bangladesh. This study is useful for exploring the buying behaviour of Bangladeshi consumers towards ecommerce.

buyer gender stereotypes revealed in on-line shopping

An evaluation about consumer behavior of on-line shoppers has been conducted to provide valuable insights into the buying process. The study found that there are many gender differences among buyers, which can affect the overall shopping experience.

How online shoppers in India selected their products during COVID-19

An article about the buying behavior of online consumers in India during COVID-19 was conducted. By using a quantitative approach, the study reveals that many online shoppers relied on contextual factors such as price and availability when making their purchase decisions.

The Influence of Online Shopping onConsumers

An inquiry about consumer online buying behaviour has been carried out to find out the factors that influence it. The study found that convenience, price, security levels, product variety, reliability and web design were some of the main reasons why consumers buy products online.

Peer Review: What It Is, What It Isn’t, and What We Should Do About It

A journal about the use of peer review terminology in academic journals has shown that this terminology may be useful in the overall process of scientific research, but it is not always accurately described. For example, the term “peer review” has come to be used quite informally within the research community to refer to various activities and processes such as commentating andevaluating manuscripts. While this name may be more familiar to researchers, it is not always clear what these terms actually mean when used in academic papers. Therefore, it is important that standardising the terminology across journals and publishers would help get a more transparent and objective peer review process across all stages of publication. This could lead to increased accuracy and bias-free writing throughout the scientific community.

Online Shopping for Different reasons: The Advantages and Disadvantages

A study about online shopping behavior shows that people are more likely to buy things online when they can save money and don't have to wait for long times for their items. The study found that people preferordering things online than in physical stores because it is convenient, easy and fast. Also, there is no need to leave their home country to buy products.

Compensatory and Compulsive Buying among Polish online shoppers

A paper about compensative and compulsive buying among online shoppers revealed that the majority of Poles have this problem. The study found that compensatory and compulsive buying is common among the general population of Poles aged 15 years old and over. This problem can be seen as a way to make ends meet, considering that one can’t afford to spend extravagantly or buy things that she doesn’t want.

Online Consumers Match Offline Shopping Strategy

An article about online consumers buying items online found that they tend to purchase items more often when they are able to buy them anonymously, and that they generally prefer toshop from platforms that offer a wide variety of products. It was also found that online shoppers were more likely to purchase items in categories such as apparel and footwear, as well as food and drink.

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