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Online Buying Behaviour Factors : The Studies

These studies on Online Buying Behaviour Factors are still relevant today.

Implicit Psychological Distance and Impulsive Buying Behavior in Indonesia

A study about the Influence of Psychological Distance and Promotion on Online Impulsive Buying Behavior in Indonesia had found that psychological distance was directly affecting online impulsive buying behavior. However, promotion and positive emotion was indirectly affecting online impulsive buying behavior. The study showed that the first type of customers is dominant in Indonesia. This type of customer is efficient in buying based on short-term needs while other customers are more impulsive and inefficient in their decision-making processes.

Online Buying Behaviour Factors : The Studies

The Use of Computers and the Internet among Indian Students

A study about an Indian online shopping behaviour reveals that some of the factors that affect online shoppers are time of day, location, and interests. In study two, it was found that most Indian online shoppers preferred to buy items in the morning when they had more free time. The location also influenced shoppers’ buying decisions- those who shopped in Mumbai were more likely to buy from retailers in CENTRAL Mumbai than those who shopped in North Mumbai. Investigation showed that Indians use computers and Internet for activities beyond just shopping such as watching television or listening to music. Therefore,. there is potential for developing new marketing strategies on the usage of computers and the Internet among Indian consumers.

Narcissism, Machiavellianism and Online Shopping Intentions

A paper about factors affecting online purchase intention among consumers in Chennai has been conducted. The study found that personality disorders like Narcissism and Machiavellianism are significant predictors of online shopping intention. These individuals are more likely to search for items they believe will benefit them personally rather than what is offered.

Online Shopping Behavior in India: Demographic Factors and Shopping Mall Influence

A paper about factors that influence shoppers' online shopping behavior in India was conducted. The results showed that demographic factors, such as age, gender and occupation, play amajor role in how consumersbehavior on the internet. Additionally, shopping malls and general retail stores play an importantrole in influencing shoppers' online shopping behavior.

Online Shopping and Consumer Behavior

A research about the impact of online shopping on consumer buying behaviour found that there is a significant relationship between perceived risks and online consumer buying behavior. Perceived risks of online shopping were found to have a significant positive linear relationship with customer at 5% level of significance, r = 0.45, p= 0.003. Regression analysis was also conducted. The study showed that the stronger the relationship between the two factors, the more likely the customer was to buy something through the internet.

The Role of Socio-Economic Status on Rural Consumers' Purchasing Behaviour

An article about the influence of socio-economic status on the buying behavior of rural consumers has been conducted. This study has revealed that the most Influencing factors are economic stability and access to certain resources. These are factors that have a significant impact on the purchasing behavior of rural consumers.

The Psychology of Online Shopping

A study about consumer online buying behaviour revealed that some considerations that influence people's online buying behaviour are convenience, price, security levels, product variety, reliability and web design. With these factors in mind, it can be said that some consumers have an easier time making decisions when shopping online because of the wide variety of options and low prices offered. In addition, many consumers fear becoming reputation risks with respect to products they select to buy, so web design and user interfaces play a critical role in improving customer satisfaction levels.

New YouTuber Dances To Make You Laugh

A study about Malaysian consumers' impulse buying behaviors found that people are more likely to purchase items with a unusual but interesting feature if the product is new and if it can be used.

The Liberal Mind in Malaysia: Generation Y's Impulse Buying Behavior

An evaluation about impulse buying behavior of generation Y in Malaysia found that certain factors such as trust and reputation play a role. The study also found that generation Y is more likely to impulse buy when there is a sense of urgency.

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