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Online Buying Behaviour Literature Review : The Studies

Studies on Online Buying Behaviour Literature Review are still relevant; here are a few excellent ones.

How to Satisfy Online Purchasers: A New Way to Grow Your Business

A review about online buying behaviour revealed that, despite being advertised as an environmentally friendly and affordable option, many people actually choose to buy products from brands they know and trust. What is more, buyers’ behavior can be changed through three main methods: buying recommendations from friends or family members, searching for products on the web and clicking on offers. Given that online purchasers are a growing segment in today’s economy, it is important that marketers develop strategies to gratify their needs.

Online Buying Behaviour Literature Review : The Studies

The Sabbath, online shopping and negative attitudes

A research about consumer behavior towards online shopping has shown that a majority of the consumers display negative attitudes towards online shopping. The study shows that the consumers are largely frustrated with the transactions and uncertain about what they will receive when they finalize their purchase.

What Does Online Reviewing Affect Consumer Purchase?

An inquiry about the effect of online reviews on consumer purchase revealed that …. Additional studies in literature focus mainly on the structure and content of online reviews and their impact on consumers.

The Influence of User Preferences and Lifestyle on Electronics Shopping

An analysis about how customers Selection of electronics products is influenced by factors such as lifestyle, budget and preferences has been carried out by a team of researchers at Indiana University. The study found that different personal factors are influential in consumer decision making when shopping for electronics products. For example, people who live on a tight budget may prefer cheaper electronics while those with a more liberal lifestyle may prefer pricier electronics. The study also found that personal preferences and lifestyle changes are not the only drivers of consumer decision making when it comes to electronic products.

The Acquisitions, Retention and Satisfaction of Online Shopper: A Review

A study about buying behaviour and customer satisfaction towards online shopping has been undertaken. The literature review of this study shows that the buying behaviour model proposed by Sharma and Mittal is a promising one. However, there are some potential issues with this model, such as the high Variety of products available on the internet. Finally, there is a need for further research in order to confirm these findings.

The Impact of Online Shopping on Consumer Buying Behaviour in Nairobi County

A research about the impact of online shopping on consumer buying behaviour has been conducted in Nairobi County, Kenya. According to the study, the Jumia shoppers use online stores for a number of activities such as finding deals and checking prices, which can have a negative impact on their buying behaviour.

Online buying behavior: A survey of users

An article about online buying behaviour found that people tend to be more aroused when they are able to purchase something through a website. This is because they are likely to look at the product more favorably and feel more interested in it. Furthermore, it was also found that users who visit websites frequently tend to be more satisfied with their purchase than those who do not.

The Dynamics of Covid-19buying Behavior during the pandemic

A journal about key determinants of online buying behavior during Covid-19 pandemic has been conducted to explore the key factors that influence this behavior. utilizes social psychology factors to explore this issue. The study found that individuals who are susceptible to Covid-19 may not shop online because they are concerned about the infected person's safety. Additionally, those who are looking for bargain items may choose to buy these items through online stores instead of physical stores because they do not feel confident in shops during this time.

The Relationship between Socio-Economic Status andconsumer Purchase Behavior

An inquiry about how the Purchasing Behavior of Consumers is related to their Socio-Economic Status (SES) was done. The study involved 91 adult population researchers who were questioned utilizing the tool of Cdirector’s Consumer Expenditure Survey (CES). RESULTS showed that consumers from high SES groups tend to spend more money on goods and services than those from lower SES groups. This is especially pronounced forApartment dwellers and Professionals. Consumers in middle, lower and high SES groups also have different purchasing behavior patterns. The findings suggest that certain factors, such as socio-economic status (SES), may affect consumers' purchase behavior. It is interesting to note that the findingsissa use a tool that has been used by researchers for some time now, providing a more detailed picture of what motivates consumers to buy goods and services.

The New Norm of Impulse Buying: The Challenge of Serendipity

A study about the origins of impulse buying behavior has shown that hedonic shopping values are a major cause of this. Customers tend to buy more products when they know that they will have to spend a lot of money soon, and even more products when they are lucky enough to find a good deal. This study did an empirical research on online impulse buying behavior and found that these tendencies are based on scarcity and serendipity information.

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