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Online Buying Behaviour : The Studies

The studies youll see primarily address Online Buying Behaviour.

The Malaysian E-Commerce User Experience

An evaluation about online buying behavior in the Malaysian market Online buying behavior is one of the most important aspects affecting consumer decision making. A recent international study has shown that the majority of Malaysian customers, regardless of their income level, use e-commerce platforms to buy products. The study also revealed that certain behaviors relating to online buying are prevalent in the Malaysian market, such as using location services to identify and compare product prices, using social media to learn more about an item before making a purchase, and/or negotiating prices prior to purchase.

Online Buying Behaviour : The Studies

The Risk of Online Shopping Predicted by Consumer Behaviour

A review about online consumer buying behaviour uncovered that the risk of online shopping was correlated with increased online spending. This trendlining suggested that people perceived greater risks associated with online shopping, which led them to spend more money on products they would have otherwise not purchased.

The Role of Financial Condition in Impulsive Buying

A journal about online impulsive buying behaviour of consumers has found that a number of factors influence this behaviour. Some of these factors include the person's financial situation.

The Impact of Online Shopping on impulse buying behavior

A review about the impact of online shopping on impulse buying behavior showed that when consumers are Mindlessly Shopping like in Google, they tend to purchase items without any intention of returning the product later. There is usually no plan to compare the conditions of different products and make a decision. The study also showed that, when people have specific plans to purchase an item, they are more likely to return it if they find the product offered at a lower price. Also, if shoppers have leftover products from previous purchases, they are more likely to give them away as prizes or trade them in for different products.

The Effect of Privacy Concerns on Online Purchase Behaviour

An evaluation about how privacy concerns on the Internet influence online purchase behaviour has been proposed. This study has looked at how comfort with personal information (such as documents, pictures, and videos) influences people's decision-making when it comes to buying products. The study found that people are more likely to buy a product if they feel comfortable with how their personal information will be used.

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