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Online Buying Process : The Studies

Various findings from these studies are related to Online Buying Process.

Online Shopping: The New Normal

A study about the online buying process revealed that for nearly half of all transactions, purchasers used platforms such as Amazon and eBay to complete the purchase. Most often, buyers browsed through early reviews of potential items before making a decision. When making a purchase, many purchasers looked to what others had said about the product in order to make an informed decision.

Online Buying Process : The Studies

The Role of Cottage Cheese in Online Shopping

A review about the buying behavior of online shoppers revealed that cottage cheese is the most popular food items purchased from a particular retailer. This finding is apparently due to its low prices and the large variety that it offers. The study also revealed that, as compared to other popular foods, cottage cheese has a short shelf life.

The Reality of compulsive buying: The Gendered Dimensions

An article about compulsive buying online revealed that the part of the population who says they often purchase things they cannot control is more than twice as likely to report practicing compulsive online buying disorder as those who do not say they engage in this behavior. Furthermore, those who say they bought something compulsively because they were excited about it or because it was a favorite possession are even more likely to have an unresolved issue with their purchase.

Beyond the Pre-Purchase Process: Consider Your Individual Purchase Strategy

A paper about consumer buying decisions found that a majority of people tend to go through the stages of problem recognition, information searching, evaluation of alternatives, and purchase decision before making a final decision.

'The influence of social media on online shoppers'

A paper about factors influencing shoppers' online transactions has found that bunching together related products and services on an ecommerce portal leads to more satisfied customers. Consumers felt connected to their purchase through the websites interface and enjoyed finding what they needed quickly and easily. Overall, this study provides valuable insights for future business ventures.

The Changing Outlook of Bangladeshi Consumers: Implications for Retail Practice

A study about consumer buying behavior in Bangladesh has shown that the trend is gaining attention as a result of the then-recent proliferation of the internet. It has been said that in Bangladesh, prior to the advent of the internet, purchasing behavior was mainly determined by personal expirence or relatedomestic considerations. However, as a result of online shopping, this is no longer the case. Senior citizens in particular are becoming more reliant on technology to purchase ...

Online Shopping for Spring?

A journal about 'Outside Online,' which is a new tool for the spring buying process, suggests that its large volume of sellers will help to create a more seamless online buying experience for consumers.

The Effect of Digital Purchasing in the Case of COVID-19 in Bangladesh

A review about the impact of digital buying in the case of COVID-19 in Bangladesh reveals that the number of customers who purchase cosmetics through the internet during this pandemic is increasing. This increase is likely due to people staying at home during this time and not being able to access targeted products necessary for healthy skin.

'TheBestProductGallery.com: A Place to Interact with Product Information'

A paper about physical engagement with product provides buyers with information about what is essential for the complete purchase process from beginning to end.Buyers can engage with any product by touching, smelling, or seeing it. Physical engagement helps shoppers learn about the product and its features.

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