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Online Classroom Environment : The Studies

The findings of these studies on Online Classroom Environment are diverse.

The Environmental Impacts of a New Refinery

A review about the environmental impact of a new refinery. When I visited the new refinery, it seemed very impressive. The plant was brand new and had been built to strict safety guidelines. However, when I looked at the very large drums of oil that were parked outside the plant, it seemed like the entire environment would be subjected to an intense amount of pollution.

Online Classroom Environment : The Studies

The Top 5 Uses of Virtual Classrooms for Instruction

A journal about the benefits of using a virtual classroom found that the classrooms were more effective in accommodating to students' individual needs than traditional classrooms. The virtual classrooms allowed instructors more control over the social dynamics of the classroom, while still maintaining a position of authority. This allowed for a more democratic classroom atmosphere in which all students had a voice.

The Effects of Online Learning on Students

A study about online learning in comparison to traditional education found that the students tended to have better self-regulation and cognitive effort when using online learning. Increased engagement with the content led to better comprehension abilities, as well as less fatigue and anxiety.

The uses of technology in post-catastrophic teaching: A systematic review

A study about the effectiveness of teaching methods used in the classroom and online during the coronavirus pandemic was conducted. The study found that the teaching method was shifted from the classroom to online in most tertiary institutions in Ghana. Consequently, this study aimed to compare learning effectiveness during the coronavirus pandemic to the effectiveness before the coronavirus pandemic at University of Cape Coast. The performance of students was analyzed using different measures such as grades, workloads, and feedbacks.

German Students Struggle in Curriculum-Based Learning Software

A study about the academic performance of German students in a curriculum-based learning software for mathematics has been undertaken. The study found that the closure of schools during the current school year caused a widening education gap and that German students were inferior to their peers in terms of academic achievement.

Climate Change and Water Security: The Link between Climate Change and Welsh Peatland

An article about the link between climate change and water security has shown that restoration of Welsh peatland improves water security in dry conditions. The study showed thatnitrogen pollution from agriculture threatening health of marine ecosystems is a significant threat to water security.

The Relationship between Technology and Communication

An analysis about online engagement found that students use technology more to communicate than any other form of communication. Earning a grade in a technical subject is often helped by having comprehension skills that can easily be ported over to writing tasks.

The Use of Online Learning Platforms for Second-Year College Students: A Survey

A journal about 243 students using online learning platforms shows that they experience a variety of satisfaction with using these platforms. The study found that studentsÂ’ academic achievements and satisfaction with using online learning platforms are affected by a variety of factors. In particular, the study found that studentsÂ’ perceived distance from teacher(s) and their instructor(s) is a major contributor to student satisfaction. Additionally, the study found that studentsÂ’ engagement with course materials and their ability to get their work done are also important factors forstudent success on online learning platforms.

The Relationship between Online Learning Environments and Instructor Attitude

An inquiry about online learning environments (or online courses for that matter) shows that the attitude of instructors, students, course administrators, and course designers affects the quality of an online learning environment. A study by Brooks and her team found that when instructors had positive feelings about their classes, they were more likely to provide high-quality classes. However, when professors had negative feelings about their classes, they were also more likely to deliver shorter and lower-quality classes. This can affect both students and administrators because if administrators feel that a class is not worth completing, it is less likely to be triggered into taking other courses in order to complete the degree requirements.

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