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Online Databases for Literature Reviews : The Studies

These Online Databases for Literature Reviews studies, according to our research, make excellent supplemental materials.

The Communication Studies Database: A Resource for Literature Review and Research

A study about the communication studies database 'Databases for Literature Review' reveals that thedatabase houses a wealth of reliable research articles covering a variety of topics. From literature to communication theory, the database has something for everyone.

Online Databases for Literature Reviews : The Studies

The Language Database at Gumberg Library: An online resource for language research

A study about the journal databases Gumberg Library offers access to periodical databases that are dedicated to or cover literature and language. The databases offer a wealth of information and can be found at Gumberg Library. Many of the databases offer the full-text of articles, which makes them a great source for formal English writing.

ERIC: A Guide to Academic Journal Database searched

A research about the "ultimate guide to academic journal databases" found that the database has a wide range of content, including journal articles, books, and gray literature. ERIC's search allows you to filter the full-text and peer-reviewed materials. The two options are available right under the database's main search section, which makes it easy to find what you're looking for.

The Role of Social Networking Sites in Relationship Quality

A journal about social networking websites influences a person's choice of friends and reduces their chance to meet potential partners. This study found that whereas people who used social networking websites less had better social relationships, those who used them more generally had worse social relationships. In fact, those that spent most time using social networking websites had an increased chance of having bad social relationships when compared to those that spent little time on them.

A Comprehensive Database of Literature References for Systematic Reviews

An analysis about the best database combinations for literature search was conducted. Investigators and information specialists searching for relevant references for a systematic review (SR) are generally advised to search multiple databases and to use additional methods to be able to adequately identify all related to the topic of interest [1,2,3,4]. The Cochrane Handbook, for example, recommends the use of at least MEDLINE in order to ….

The Core Open Access Journals Database: A tool for research

A research about the Core Open Access journals database CORE took place. Researchers utilized the database to find 36 libraries who had newly-added open accessarticles. The studies found that the databases offered a wealth of information on research, including journal titles, author names, and long-term impact factor ratings. Additionally, many cited articles were found within the databases.

The Relationshipbetween Mental Health and Privately University Students in Bangladesh

An article about private university students and their mental health in Bangladesh showed that the majority of them have high self-esteem and receive positive comments from friends, family and society. However, same group of private university students had lower mental health than government universities students in Bangladesh. This study found that the psychological stressor that private university students face is stronger than the stressors faced by government university students.

An MLA International Bibliography of Literary Criticism

A journal about a new database of literature criticism that is available online. The database, MLA International Bibliography, has articles from 1926 to the present. The website directs users to over 4,400 journals, book chapters, and research articles in literary criticism from around the world. By using this database as a reference tool, one can gain a better understanding of the works that are being studied.

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