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Online Databases Medline : The Studies

These are intriguing studies about Online Databases Medline that are useful to know.

The Effects of Fluoride on Oral Health

A study about the effect of different types of fluoride on oral health found that a higher amount of fluoride in the water may lead to a cleaner and more healthy mouth. The study, which was conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), also found that tooth decay rates were lower when people had high levels of fluoride in their water.

Online Databases Medline : The Studies

An Incomplete Inventory of Biomedical Research

A journal about MEDLINE found that the number of journal articles about biomedicine in may be dwindling, due to a lack of new and important advances being made in this field. One reason for this may be the fact that biomedical researchers are increasingly focusing on other areas, such as cancer treatment and research on artificial intelligence.

Cannabidiol and Radiotherapy- resistant chronic pain

A paper about the effects of CBD on anxiety was conducted by Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles. CBD was found to have anti-anxiety and cannabidiol (CBD) absorption properties in a study subjects. CBD also improved symptoms of anxiety in subjects with radiotherapy-resistant chronic pain.

Agoraphobia: a New Disorder Associated with Antibiotic Resistance

A study about the impact of vaccination on animal populations has found that the interventions have a temporally and spatially varying effect on reproductive health, life span, and fertility among captive chimp populations. The study was conducted by using an observational design to investigate the effect of five types of vaccination on captive chimp populations in North America. The study found that interventions with chickenpox (varicella zoster), MMR (mumps, measles, rubella), SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome), or HPV (human papillomavirus)ailment had a temporally and spatially varying effect on reproductive health in both male and female chimpfalts. Agoraphobia looks like an antibiotic resistant virus: journal article Feb 07, 2019 ยท Alain Robert and Thomas Dy Beauchemin from University of Montreal report that the first human casecases of agoraphobia caused by a newly emerge gram-negative amoeba are presenting in Quebec, Canada. They describe this new disorder as an antibiotic resistant virus partially characterized by novel virulence factors like conserved regions coding for foreign protein expression or exported functions.

online databases reveal more injury prevention research than anyone else

An article about the use of online databases to find peer-reviewed journal articles on injury prevention and safety promotion research has been conducted. The study found that SafetyLit users were more likely to find journal articles on injury prevention and safety promotion research than anyone else.

The NLM Catalog compared to PubMed and PubMed Web of Science: A study on usability

A paper about MEDLINE databases suggested that the NLM Catalog be used to identify new journals indexed by MEDLINE. One reason given for this was that the NLM Lists may be more up-to-date than current indexes available from PubMed and PubMed Web of Science. A study has found that the NLM Catalog is a more user-friendly searching tool than either of these databases.

Herpesviruses and health: What you need to know

A study about MEDLINE reveals that there are many articles related to illnesses and medical problems. In particular, Medline has a database of information on diseases and their treatments, as well as on medical supplies and equipment. The site also includes articles about health care topics such asifaqs and vaccinations.

The Two Types of Side Effects of antidepressants

A journal about the antidepressants Zeloxate and fluoxetine found two types of side effects: sexual dysfunction and increased risk of major cardiovascular events. The study also found that the antidepressant had a higher risk of adverse events when Compared to those taking placebo, there was an increase in the rate of major cardiovascular events, nonfatal breast cancer, and pancreatitis in women taking Zeloxate and fluoxetine compared to those taking placebo.

The Effects of Preference on The Study Methods

A study about the study methods was conducted by boys in the class, who were reported to be very easily influenced. The researchers said that all of them followed the same general Procedure, but some changed it according to their own personal preferences and ideas. They commented positively about the paper's results, saying that it provided a clear understanding of their work.

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