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Online Health Communities Literature Review : The Studies

This time, Online Health Communities Literature Review studies on various subtopics will be presented.

The Risks ofjoining Online Communities

A research about the effects of online communities was conducted in 2008 and found that they have positive effects on mental health. Now, in 2017, a study has been conducted that finds that there are some risks associated with joining online communities. The study found that technological changes such as the multiplication of digital platforms have made it easier for people to connect with each other, but also led to the growth of junk email and spam. consequence: usersÂ’ wellbeing may be at risk if they choose to join online communities.

Online Health Communities Literature Review : The Studies

The Impact of Online Health Communities on Patient Media Interaction

An evaluation about how online health communities (SHC) are impacting the way patients interact with healthcare providers has been published. The study found that SHC can be a helpful way for patients to connect with healthcare professionals and to learn about available treatments. The study also found that SHC can be a helpful way for healthcare professionals to connect with patients.

Healthy Habits that Keep You Healthy Online

An evaluation about health-related hot topics in online health communities was conducted. The study found that many of these topics are related to health and wellness. Some of the topics that were found to be important included diet, exercise, and stress relief.

The Use of Online Communities to Energize Patients

An analysis about the use of online communities to empower patients was conducted. The study found that patients in online communities were more likely to report satisfaction with their care than those in traditional patient-centered communities. The study also found that online communities gave patients a sense of hope and dignity, which may be beneficial for the overall care of patients.

Online Health Communities Can Offer Supports to Users with Shared Concerns

An article about the engagement of users of online health communities found that they are an important resource for people with similar health concerns to interact with each other. Users have easy access to these platforms to seek, receive, and provide support. The study found that these communities are beneficial in that they offer a variety of resources for users who are looking to connect and find support.

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